News books and New Category

With the review of Making Things Happen, I have finished the 10 books in the Productivity & Effectiveness category of the Personal MBA. This is an important step for me and I am happy to have reached it.

I am going to pause this week mostly to be able to offer you articles summarizing what I have learned in these 10 books. You will also get a surprise next week 😉 .

Then I will attack the 7 books that I have selected in the Psychology and Communication category, the set of which has just been delivered by Amazon.

New books in the Psychology & Communication category

And thanks to all you who are following and encouraging me, that is helping me enormously 🙂 .

2 thoughts on “News books and New Category

  1. Hi Olivier,

    I’m glad you’re getting through them and doing well. I look forward to your high-level write-up about the category. I’m about to start it and it would certainly be helpful to have your perspective while I read.



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