Rebirth of this blog

April 12th, 2009, I announced the end of this blog. The reason was this blog was a translation of my French blog Des Livres Pour Changer de Vie, and at this time the English blog had 1 third of the traffic of the French blog, six months after the creation. The translation was costly, so I decided to drop the English blog and to focus on the French one.

Fast forward 2 years and half after, I achieved tremendous success with the French blog (which have now more than 20 000 RSS + emails subscribers), and with a second one, Blogueur Pro, which too have more than 20 000 RSS + emails subscribers. I succeeded in my dream of living the 4 hour workweek (which have nothing to do with just working 4 hours per week, no more, no less, as you know if you really read the book) and now I’m travelling all around the world (I just came back from an awesome 3 months trip in California).

And, I’m making a lot of money too. And when I was in Los Angeles, in San Diego and in San Francisco (especially in this city), I met a lot of awesome entrepreneurs (like Patri Friedman of Sea Steading, an incredible project to build a startup country in the ocean) and I want to connect more with them.

So, I thought, now that I have some money to invest, and some awesome (I hope) articles on my French blog, why not hire someone to translate them, so I can give birth again to this blog, and it help me to connect more easily with English speaking entrepreneurs ?

So here it is. I hired a professional translator on Elance, and I will publish her translations as soon as she send them to me. Let’s begin with Made to Stick ! It’s good to see you again ! 😉

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