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Books on happiness | Three outlines to help you choose the right one

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Books on happiness

How do we achieve happiness? And besides, what is happiness? For thousands of years, Man has asked himself these questions and never come up with definitive answers. If people don’t agree on specific answers or how to get there, each person can decide for themselves. So, to achieve this there’s nothing better than to take […]

Secrets of a Healthy and Vibrant Life

The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom

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The Happiness Hypothesis

Summary of “The Happiness Hypothesis”: Although ancient philosophies such as Stoicism and Buddhism offer very useful practices such as meditation and moderation, recent discoveries in modern science seem to prove that they were wrong in claiming that external factors have no influence on happiness. By Jonathan Haidt, 2006, 320 pages Note: this review is written by […]