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10 years later: Re-doing my crazy project to read 52 of the best business books in 52 weeks, and post a weekly review here in English!

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Olivier Roland 52-week book challenge

Before elaborating on the many business books I read, I want to introduce myself to those who don’t know me: I am Olivier Roland, I’m 36, I’m French and I’ve been an entrepreneur since the age of 19. I’m currently a blogger, YouTuber, amateur archaeologist, diver, globe-trotter, and international speaker, among many other things! I […]

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Summary of the book Rework: This bestseller, published in 2010, provides a clear and comprehensive vision of entrepreneurship, far removed from the razzmatazz of some startups: with the use of some well-edited chapters, the authors give us their practical approach to business, and it’s difficult not to be enthusiastic about them once you have read it! […]

Hack Your Brain and Change Your Behavior

Reading in the Brain: the New Science of How We Read

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Summary of the book Reading in the Brain. In his book Reading in the Brain, the neuroscientist and cognitive psychologist Stanislas Dehaene offers readers various discoveries and theories about the way in which our primate brain learns to read. By Stanislas DEHAENE, 2007, 475 pages. (Original title: Les Neurones de la Lecture) Note: This article […]

Conversations With Game Changers

Interview: How Thibault Vincent sleeps two hours a day with polyphasic sleep

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 47:36 — 43.6MB) S’abonner au podcast : Apple Podcasts | RSS Sleep two hours a day with polyphasic sleep You can listen to this podcast with my guest Thibault Vincent about polyphasic sleep live by clicking on the Play button at the top, download the MP3 by clicking on Download, or retrieve it from […]