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The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom

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Summary of “The Happiness Hypothesis”: Although ancient philosophies such as Stoicism and Buddhism offer very useful practices such as meditation and moderation, recent discoveries in modern science seem to prove that they were wrong in claiming that external factors have no influence on happiness. By Jonathan Haidt, 2006, 320 pages Note: this review is written by […]

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Your boss is not your mother: Creating Autonomy, Respect, and Success at Work

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Summary of “Your boss is not your mother”: Just because you search for a culprit doesn’t mean that you can solve a conflict, it’s better to try to understand how individuals’ function, because group behaviour is influenced by personality and one’s own experience. By Brian DesRoches, 1995, 320 pages. Note: this column is a guest […]

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The Four Toltec Agreements: How to overcome fear, hatred, judgment and limiting beliefs

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Summary of “The Four Toltec Chords”: The Four Toltec Chords give us the keys to overcome fear, hatred, judgment, limiting beliefs imposed by our domesticated society by inviting us to set out in search of our deep and true identity in order to regain our personal freedom and thus move towards a life of happiness, […]

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The Prosperous Coach – Increase income and impact for you and your clients

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Summary of “The Prosperous Coach”: This book shows how to develop a successful coaching business without a website, email list, business cards or other marketing activity: make a list of the clients you dream of coaching, get in touch with them, take a sincere interest in them and find their ultimate goal, get into a […]