“Reading, unlike taking a class, is done according to your own schedule. […] The world is literally at your fingertips when you choose to read. Abby Marks Beale, 10 days to Faster Reading

Welcome to my specialist blog about rare books, challenging books that are all of the highest quality: they can change your life.

These books have been chosen through rigorous selection, I have read all of them and chose them from among hundreds of others.

Be careful however, there is no miracle recipe here, each of these books require you to take action, become proactive and work hard. If you succeed you will change your life and become a happier person.

This blog is the result of my passion for reading, which has led me to read around fifty books a year, of various and very different caliber. Some are amazing and capable of completely changing my point of view on a subject, and others can be totally forgotten in less than two weeks.

You can start your journey by navigating the categories on the right,  simply access the latest blogs or read the bests articles below.

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Happy Reading! 🙂