I am Olivier Roland, 36 years old. I’m French and I’ve been an entrepreneur since the age of 19. I’m currently a blogger, YouTuber, amateur archaeologist, diver, globe-trotter and international speaker, among many other things! I also have the chance to inspire hundreds of thousands of French speakers every month through my online channels in French (go check my Youtube or Facebook page if you speak French… and you dare ! 😉 )

In 2016, I finally published my book in French called “Everyone doesn’t get the chance to fail their studies” which is a book about how I failed my studies, become an entrepreneur and learned how to be successful without a college degree. I’ve since been teaching my entrepreneurial techniques to hundreds of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs across the French-speaking communities, all over the world.

Welcome to my NEW ENGLISH BLOG – where I intend to read the best business and entrepreneurial books in English as part of my latest Personal MBA Challenge and more importantly share the results of this project with others by writing clear, concise and relevant summaries.

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  1. Will you do a summary on the books , The Financial Pocketknife by James L. Stoddard Jr. , The Power of Zero by David McKnight and the Look Before You LIRP by David McKnight. Your summaries of the books you have posted have saved me numerous hours of reading. Time which I didn’t want to spend and then summarize them on my own to pull out the nuggets of each book. Your work is wonderful. Thanks!!!

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