Text (literal) transcription of the video of book Anticancer:

Hi there! Olivier Roland here, and welcome to this new video from the blog Des Livres Pour Changer de Vie (“Life-changing Books”).

I am currently in the Greek island of Santorini, which is quite simply an extraordinary volcano. What you see behind me is the crater and everything around it, which is under the sea, is the volcano’s caldera. You should know that the island of Santorini has a rather extraordinary history, since a little more than three thousand years ago, there was a huge volcanic explosion which completely destroyed the Minoan civilization, and which created a Tsunami of over 150 meters high. And we are right next to Crete, which is known all over the world; as its population is one of the longest-lived in the world and in the best health.

This gave me the idea to tell you about a book, Anticancer by Dr. David Servan Schreiber. I really recommend Anticancer to you, if you just want to take charge of your health. It is very easy to read; it is full of practical advice on how to use diet, sports, and other activities for preventing as much sickness as possible and therefore live as long as possible in the best possible health.

You may know that Dr David Servan Schreiber recently died of cancer; he had a brain tumor. And you may say to yourself: ”doesn’t that kind of invalidate what he wrote in this book Anticancer…and recover for example.”

You should know that he had his cancer more than ten years ago; and that he represents a bit of a statistical anomaly compared to people who have had this cancer. He had a much greater longevity, which I think goes along with what he wrote in Anticancer. Moreover, he gives us, at the very beginning of Anticancer, the example of a scientist who had been diagnosed with cancer and was given something like six months to live, and when he had asked if there was anything thing to do to improve his condition, his longevity, he was told: “don’t bother, get your affaires in order, say goodbye to your family, this is the best thing to do.”

He did not let himself become discouraged because he was a researcher who was used to going out and searching a bit. Dr David looked in the medical literature, and he realized that, yes, it is true, that on average, people who had his cancer lived six months, but that there was, in there, on the opposite side of the curve, a few people who managed to live for several years, sometimes more than ten years after being diagnosed with this cancer.

He started to research the factors that made these people live longer.

This is how David Servan Schreiber introduces his book, by explaining that there are factors that enable, perhaps, to live longer after the diagnosis of cancer or to prevent cancer by natural things like diet, sport, etc. — of course, in addition to conventional medicine — when one has been diagnosed with cancer.

So, it’s really a very practical; very simple book that you won’t read in a weekend because it’s a bit thick; but you will be able to read it at your own pace while applying what you learn in your life. I am sure that if you apply even a few of the techniques that are described in this book; you will have a better chance of living a longer and healthier life. I very highly recommend this book to you.

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