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45 effective ways for Hiring Smart


How to predict winners & losers in the incredibly expensive people-reading game

45 effective ways for Hiring Smart - How to predict winners & losers in the incredibly expensive people-reading game   

One Sentence Summary: Making a hiring error can be very expensive – around two and a half times the salary of the person hired if you catch the error six months later – and the success of a company depends on the quality of people in it; this book recommends 45 methods, tricks and stratagems for hiring as efficiently as possible.

By Dr Pierre Mornell, 240 pages, published in 2001.

Summary and Book Report:

First of all, this book looks good. Really. It is printed on really nice glossy paper, on big, comfortable pages with large text, and sprinkled with enlightening illustrations that support the text effectively :

  Stategies after the inteview

Strategies after the interview

This book is a long way down my crazy PMBA project list – in 38th place actually – but I just won a big contract with a client and I needed to hire a new employee. So I seized this opportunity to combine two useful efforts by reading this book a little earlier than anticipated and applying the knowledge to this situation. No doubt I will “jump around” in the list again from time to time according to my personal needs or those of my business.

Dr Pierre Mornell, a Training Psychiatrist, shares with us his 15 years of experience as a recruitment consultant in the form of 45 methods divided into 5 sections. According to him, numerous companies are not sufficiently prepared for recruiting and do not dedicate enough resource to it. Further, the top ten American teaching institutions for business affairs do not provide any training on evaluation, selection and recruitment of personnel to key positions: “MBA students are offered exactly the opposite […] How to interview successfully in order to get the most coveted jobs.” His 45 strategies are not strict rules, but rather ways of improving the recruitment process, of reducing uncertainty, and getting the time on your side that is necessary to go through the legal process. Here is a summary of each of them, chapter by chapter. I have highlighted the ones that I think are most relevant to my small business.