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(Literal) Text Transcription of the video :

Olivier Roland: Hello my intelligent rebels. After Phil two weeks ago and Bill one week ago, let’s see another example of someone who is really, really living “The 4 Hour Workweek ” lifestyle.

This guy is known as JB, the author of the podcast “Morning Coach”.

At that time, when I interviewed in 2014, JB was making around $700,000 a year while working 10 minutes a day. Yes, 10 minutes a day, because as he explains in this video, well, he really didn’t have much to do, just to record one podcast a day for five days a week. And the podcast was paid. So without further ado, let’s go deep into this interview with JB.

Hello JB.

JB Glossinger: Hello my brother. How are you?

Olivier Roland: I’m fine, and you?

JB Glossinger: Awesome.

Olivier Roland: So JB, I wanted to interview you because you are quite famous in the US for your awesome podcast “Morning Coach”.

JB Glossinger: Yes, we’ve done pretty good with it.

Olivier Roland: Yeah, I love this Podcast because you have so much energy. Can you say “Good morning” for us?

JB Glossinger: Yeah, “Good morning”.

Olivier Roland: So, you have a lot of success right now in the US with that. Your business model is that you have a free podcast every Monday?

JB Glossinger: Yes.

Olivier Roland: That’s right?

JB Glossinger: They call it a kind of “A Freemium Model”.

Olivier Roland: “A Freemium”

JB Glossinger: Yes.

So free Monday and then, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, you have to pay $20 a month to get the rest of it.

Olivier Roland: Ok, so… Yeah. All right.

JB Glossinger: We’re testing pricing. So, it might be a little bit higher.

Olivier Roland: So farther, the price is a bit low, I mean.

JB Glossinger: Yes, exactly. It’s really low but we don’t want to go there.

Olivier Roland: Yes, we won’t go there. I love the Podcast, it’s full of energy and good content, and how many customers do you have right now?

JB Glossinger: We have a few thousand paying customers. In the last couple of years, we’ve got 7,000 people signing up. And so, we get anywhere from 200 or so who stick with us and then we lose 50 to hundred you know, depending on what’s going on in people’s life. So, we’re growing every month.

how to become a leader simple action each day

Olivier Roland: Wow. And now, it’s a way you do your main content. You publish your main content with this podcast. You don’t have a blog or videos. You just started with this.

JB Glossinger: I’m just starting, that’s right. You know, what happened was, I really never focused on a podcast, made that a winner, you know. And now, I am certain to go another mediums which then drives the traffic to make the business bigger.

Olivier Roland: All right. So, the subject of the video is “How to make a great Podcast?”

JB Glossinger: I love it.

Olivier Roland: Because a great podcast can be a great asset for a blog or an entrepreneur on the Internet.

JB Glossinger: Agreed and I think people underestimate it.

Olivier Roland: Yeah.

JB Glossinger: And the reason is because they say oh it’s just some audio thing. Why don’t I do some video like this? When… I should be, you know, when it’s… the video would be more… work better. A lot of people think that.

But at the end of the day the thing with the Podcast: Why people should Podcast? It creates intimacy. People are listening to you.

The other point that I like to make about Podcasting is this: that people can take it with them. So, they are not having to sit and watch a video like we’re doing. They actually can put the earphones in and go to the gym or go for a walk.

Olivier Roland: Exactly.

JB Glossinger: Yeah. So, Podcast is a great medium that I think a lot of people don’t really see the value of.

Olivier Roland: Underestimate.

JB Glossinger: They underestimate it totally.

Olivier Roland: Yeah. So, intimacy and you can listen to it when you drive, when you do some sports, when you cook.

JB Glossinger: Yeah.

Olivier Roland: Every time you do something that does not involve your brain.

JB Glossinger: Yeah, and you are not asking somebody to invest their time specifically in you. Okay?

Olivier Roland: Exactly.

JB Glossinger: So, they can go and do other things and be listening to you. First step.

Olivier Roland: It’s very interesting because it’s a medium that has the ability to reach people that would not have the time to be rich.

JB Glossinger: Yes, exactly. And everybody is busy. So, that’s why.

And that’s why I didn’t go on a video, I said well why don’t I do these video Podcasts and that’s because someone driving a car and watching a video, that’s not a good thing, you know. They are listening to me, it works out even better.

Olivier Roland: Yeah.

JB Glossinger: So that’s the secret, really of podcasting. And, the positive thing is the intimacy with the listener, like you are in their ears one on one. And a great Podcast just to give you a tip we’ll get into that but it is that you’re speaking to one person.

Like a video, one person’s watching but you really have a lot of eyeballs, right? With the Podcast for sure, it’s one person. So you don’t want to be saying “all of you” and “everyone”, you want to say “How are you doing today? I hope you’re doing great. Good morning”.

Olivier Roland: So, do you imagine that you are talking to your best friend?

JB Glossinger: I always do, I have an avatar. And depending on what Podcast I’m doing, I got a coaching one for business and personal development one. I see that avatar, and I really see that them in a bad position, maybe depressed, maybe not feeling good and I speak to that avatar.

Olivier Roland: Awesome.

JB Glossinger: And it works real well.

Olivier Roland: So, it’s already a good tip to make a great Podcast. But, another reason to do a Podcast is that there are fewer competitors I think.

JB Glossinger: Yeah.

Olivier Roland: Do you think? Then in YouTube for example.

JB Glossinger: Oh yeah. There are very few competitors. I mean, you can be a rock star in that space. I mean, that’s what’s happening to me… You know, I was in this space and I am no longer a Podcaster. You know when I started, I was a kind of a “Podcaster”.

You know that I was in that space. But now, I’m finally getting where I am, a motivational speaker and author, coach. You know, it’s getting my business gigantic and podcasting was just a tool. Does that make sense?

Olivier Roland: Yeah.

JB Glossinger: You know what I mean?

So, I was kind of labeled a Podcaster at one point. But now, it is like “No” he’s not a podcaster, it’s his Podcast.

Olivier Roland: Alright, okay. So, now we know why we should do Podcast. So,

JB Glossinger: Yes.

Olivier Roland: Can you give us some tips to make a great podcast, like an awesome podcast?

JB Glossinger: Yeah. I think again, you can overproduce it because people want to hear that ums and ahs they want to know you are real.

Olivier Roland: Exactly, they don’t want you to sound like a robot.

become a leader authenticity robot

JB Glossinger: No, and you won’t be as authentic as possible. So, you want to have a conversation, again it’s a one on one deal.

Olivier Roland: Like we do now.

JB Glossinger: Yeah. I think so many people try to overproduce. They worry about the music and the intro and all other stuff. You don’t need any of that. My first Podcast didn’t have intros or anything. I just pressed record and at the end stop and put it up.

Olivier Roland: Really.

JB Glossinger: Yeah. And now, it’s actually really popular and I used to get feedback like “I am so glad you just not this over-commercialized junk.”

Olivier Roland: Ah, interesting.

JB Glossinger: Yeah. So,

Olivier Roland: So, it is a way of positioning yourself differently.

JB Glossinger: Yes.

Olivier Roland: Than the competition.

JB Glossinger: So, I would say….

Olivier Roland: But, you are not a radio.

JB Glossinger: Now, I do some music at the front back, but it’s still unedited. I mean, I make a mistake and have problems but I would just run with it. So I would say, you just want to have a conversation with somebody. So, I outline and I just have a conversation, you know, for 5 points and that’s a good Podcast.

Olivier Roland: It is huge because I think a lot of people are too perfectionist.

JB Glossinger: A 100%.

Olivier Roland: They want to have a perfect Podcast before publishing it. And, the problem is two years after, they have a perfect Podcast on their computer. And that’s all.

JB Glossinger: A 100% and you know why?

It took me 500 before I made a dime. So, while people are trying to perfect it, I was doing them and getting better and better and better, you know. And yeah, I was getting complaints at a 100 and then 101 days and then 102 days but every day I’d get a little bit better. So, while I was doing it all my competitors were trying to be perfect and all I wanted to do was one a week and I was like “No I’m just gonna do it”.

Olivier Roland: Exactly.

JB Glossinger: Yes. And that’s what a great. You will become a great Podcast, once you’ve done 1800. Actually, I’m like two thousand one hundred now total.

Olivier Roland: Wow. Yes, so it was really impressive for me when I met you for the first time because you said “Hey, I’m creating a Podcast every single day of the workweek”. So,

JB Glossinger: Monday to Friday.

Olivier Roland: Monday to Friday.

JB Glossinger: Because nah, we need the weekends off.

Olivier Roland: I mean, yeah go on. Okay, so from Monday to Friday whatever happens, whenever you are in the world, it doesn’t matter, right?

JB Glossinger: Nope.

Olivier Roland: You have your agora with you.

JB Glossinger: Yeah. And that’s another thing that is great about the audio, all you need to make in a Mac. And I’m good to go.

Olivier Roland: Do you edit it a lot or you’re just like?

JB Glossinger: There is no editing allowed on my Podcast. No, no editing. I do it, literally it’s a 15-minute Podcast and I’ve done it in 20 minutes. So my workday is to get up. I don’t shower  (a little too much information). But, I jump out of bed.

Olivier Roland: All right.

JB Glossinger: I go down to my office, I outline my first Podcast and I outline the second Podcast. It takes me about 10 minutes.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

JB Glossinger: I then put these two pieces of paper, I put my microphone up which I already set up. And I just go in Garage Band  – that’s what I use  – and I hit record and I just run for  15 minutes, hit stop.

Olivier Roland: Awesome.

JB Glossinger: Put music on the front and the back, save it to my computer. Go back into Garage band,

Olivier Roland: Publish.

JB Glossinger: Do the next one

Olivier Roland: Okay.

JB Glossinger: Okay. Get done with that, that usually 5 to 10 minutes. Put a little front and back on that, put it to on my computer so that’s, let’s say, that’s 7 a.m. It’s now 7:35.

Olivier Roland: Wow.

JB Glossinger: I put it up on my website and I’ve done for the day.

Olivier Roland: All is done, my God. You create 2 Podcasts a day.

JB Glossinger: Yes.

Olivier Roland: Not one.

JB Glossinger: I’m doing 2 a day.

Olivier Roland: All right.

JB Glossinger: So that, I’m done, it’s like 8 o’clock, well 7:30. So, I go up shower, have some breakfast and say “What am I going to do today?”

Olivier Roland: It’s a good problem you have.

JB Glossinger: Yeah. Exactly. So now, I’m doing a video and stuff. Coz I got lots of time now during the day.

Olivier Roland: Did you do that since the beginning, I mean just press record and you’re done.

JB Glossinger: Yeah, since the beginning.

Olivier Roland: Wow.

JB Glossinger: Originally, what was crazy is, this is why you just do it. When I originally started, I used to do it on the phone because I didn’t know how to record on a computer. And I used “” which here, in the states as a conference line.

And I would be recording, people call and listening to that recording. This is a true story. For 2 days, 3 days is in a row. I would be recording the Podcast. And, somebody else on other lines, I didn’t know how mute

Olivier Roland: Oh really.

JB Glossinger: You would hear this guy on the background go, ‘tink’ and then this stream “pssssss”, and then this flush. And it was on my Podcast. And then, I get all these e-mails like “JB the guy’s going to the bathroom again”. And that’s how I got my start. That’s how bad it was and people were still listening! And so obviously, I learned how to mute you know.

But, that’s a true story. I mean, that’s why it’s like you just go to build the audience and do it every day. So yeah, I’ve always not edited it. You know, I’ve gotten a better idea when you do 2,000. That comes from, well you know, 10 thousand hours or something, you get better at things.

But, my suggestion to do a great Podcast is just authentic, just be real, people understand there are mistakes…

Olivier Roland: Mistakes make you more human.

JB Glossinger: Yes, it sometimes happens in the background.

Olivier Roland: Mistakes make you more human.

JB Glossinger: Mistakes make you more human. And people appreciate that. So, something happens in the background. You know, the dishes clank because so… you are not in the studio so you say “Hey, I’m sorry. You know, the dishes clanked in the background”. Let people know.

Olivier Roland: No editing?

JB Glossinger: No, no editing. Why edit? Takes time away from other things.

Olivier Roland: Yeah, like playing golf or what?

JB Glossinger: Or whatever. Doing Youtube videos or creating products or whatever. So, it’s unnecessary. I think we call it “diminishing returns”. When you do something and you try to become so perfect that even if you polished it that extra 20%, you may only get 1% gain. Or maybe you get no gain.

So truly a diminishing return if you go back and edit it at all. Now, there may be some circumstances if you are producing a professional show for some TV program.

Olivier Roland: Yeah. But, we are not talking about that.

JB Glossinger: No, we’re not talking about that.

Olivier Roland: We are talking about the human Podcast, designed by humans for humans.

JB Glossinger: Correct, that works.

Olivier Roland: That works.

JB Glossinger: That works and builds an audience which I’ve done a pretty good job. So, anybody can do it. I believe that in my heart that anybody… there are millions of people in the world and everybody has a story to tell. You just got to start doing it and build your story. That’s what I would suggest.

Olivier Roland: Alright. So, how about the energy? Because you have a lot of energy.

JB Glossinger: Yes.

Olivier Roland: Do you have a secret for that or it’s just natural?

JB Glossinger: That’s one of my gifts. You know, as I’ve always had energy. But, you need to take care of yourself. You need to eat right, you need to … you know…

Olivier Roland: Like, yeah. Do some sports.

JB Glossinger: If you don’t do that. Yeah, you can’t… I am not saying I haven’t done it, but you know, you can’t have a half a bottle of scotch the night before and then, get up and try to do a Podcast every day, you know?

Olivier Roland: But, you did that right?

JB Glossinger: Yeah.

Olivier Roland: I can feel it. That’s an experience, right?

JB Glossinger: Yeah, I’ve had a few.

Well… when you do 2 thousand, there are a couple of days when the night before, it kind of carried over. But, if you going to have the good energy, you know I mean I’m gonna have some flops in there. I mean, it is what it is. And you are going to have days when you’re sick, you don’t feel good, and you just work through those, people understand.

And the other thing is, if you are making content for people that don’t respect you as a human being, those are horrible customers anyway.

Olivier Roland: Oh, yeah.

JB Glossinger: You know. Because, they are going to give you hard time, they are going to write back bad comments. So, get people that respect you for you and appreciate the issues that you have. Because, when you have an issue, they will respect you. You know, you don’t have to deal with the BS.

Olivier Roland: Don’t be afraid of you know, firing.

JB Glossinger: Yes.

Olivier Roland: Bad reader, bad customer…

JB Glossinger: Yeah. Get rid of them, fire them.

Olivier Roland: Life is short, you don’t have time for that.

million of people listening your podcast become a leader

JB Glossinger: No. And there are millions of people. There is… I mean, every single person that watches this video, I’m sure has a circle of a hundred thousand people that they can get around. Let’s say over the next 5 years. If you got a hundred thousand people listening to you, they are going to buy your product, they are going to support you. Even if you ask for a donation the dollar each, that’s six-figures a year.

Olivier Roland: Exactly.

JB Glossinger: It works.

Olivier Roland: You have a six-figure business right now.

JB Glossinger: Yes.

Olivier Roland: You are making what? 600,000?

JB Glossinger: Yes, it’s growing.

Olivier Roland: Just with Podcast.

JB Glossinger: Yes, just with Podcast.

Olivier Roland: We’re working.

JB Glossinger: Yes.

Olivier Roland: with you to create product, to use…

JB Glossinger: No. And very low price point at that.

Olivier Roland: But, it’s working because you create really good content.

JB Glossinger: Yes.

Olivier Roland: That people love, you have great energy.

JB Glossinger: It’s all about the content.

Olivier Roland: And you do a podcast every single one day.

JB Glossinger: Every day.

If the technology is bad or something and it doesn’t work, boy you don’t wanna be in my emails. Where are you at today? Why it isn’t working? They work.

Olivier Roland: You have to deal with a hungry crowd.

JB Glossinger: Yeah, a hungry crowd. We’re together, were community. We’ve built, all we know, 90 000 people on Facebook. You know, where the Podcast has been the springboard to a community. And so, that’s allowed us to build.

You know, we have 10 000 on Twitter, we only follow 400 people. But, that’s still a nice community of people that are working together on social platforms to put their energy out there.

Olivier Roland: Right. So, what about the habit? How did you create this habit of doing one Podcast a day? Because for a lot of people, I think it’s simple.

JB Glossinger: Yeah.

Olivier Roland: But at the same time, it’s difficult because it’s only like 30 minutes of work a day.

JB Glossinger: Yeah. But again, in the beginning, it was a little more because I get it down, but yeah…

Olivier Roland: Sure.

JB Glossinger: It’s just like work. When I teach people to do something, it’s like you have to do it. Like you either do it or you don’t.

You know, there is an old story about, one day the Spanish came to Mexico to fight the Indians, that they burnt their boats, you know. So, they couldn’t go back. Either you do it or you don’t. If you do it every day, don’t do it.

For me, I knew it was my business. And so, it’s like I have to do this every day. And I just… I mean, I can roll over in bed to do it now, if I had to. But, it had to be done daily because that’s the only way to be successful. Weekly is too much of a disconnect.

Olivier Roland: Well, I think a great insight you just gave us is that you can just work 30 minutes a day and it can create great results for you on your business.

So I don’t know, if you have a bad habit right now like, I don’t know, you spend 30 minutes a day on TV or you just waste 30 minutes a day on Facebook, you know anything like that. You can replace these bad habits with good habits that will help you advance.

JB Glossinger: Yes.

Olivier Roland: In your goals.

JB Glossinger: Correct.

Olivier Roland: In the end, I mean in one year or two years, you will make a big difference, just that 30 minutes a day. And, that is a gift you are giving right now, I mean. It’s a realization.

realisation dream job

JB Glossinger: Honestly, it’s very selfish for me because my life is changed by doing it. Because, I have to be the disciplined one, to listen to the message, come up with the message. Being the teacher, sometimes you learn things even better. So, my life is transformed totally. So, it’s been a gift to me.

So, even without all of those listeners in the growth of the business, the growth that’s occurred for me doing a Podcast every day has totally changed my life.

Olivier Roland: Wow. So, it’s selfish and it’s great for you and you still help people at the same time. Awesome right?

JB Glossinger: And it’s like a total win-win.

Olivier Roland: It’s the dream job.

JB Glossinger: It is. It works real well and I sleep well at night because I’m putting good energy out there.

Olivier Roland: Exactly. So, thank you. To finish this interview, do you have a tip to give to beginners that want to start their Podcast right now?

JB Glossinger: Yeah. You know, it took me… This is really critical, it took me two years to make money. Two years of sacrifice, pain, is this going to work? I almost quite twenty times, you self-doubt.

Olivier Roland: Wow.

JB Glossinger: You know, I only got 3 people listening, this sucks you know? The guy going to in the bathroom in the background, the complaints, and the technology not working. You just got to do it and you got to stick with it. You can’t quit at 100, you can’t quit at 200, you can’t quit at 500. You got to get to a 1 000.

Olivier Roland: Wow.

JB Glossinger: If you do that works. I’m just saying, it works.

Olivier Roland: So, if you’re still seeing and watching this video, I think it’s because you are motivated by that, so please take at least one action you will do from this video. Just don’t… Do something because if you just say “Ok, I watch it is great”, you will not advance throughout your goal.

JB Glossinger: On your goal, no.

Olivier Roland: Take one action and do it, please.

So, thank you JB for everything, it was awesome.

JB Glossinger: Thank you brother, great to be on air.

Olivier Roland: See you soon. Bye.

JB Glossinger: Ciao.

Olivier Roland: Voilà my intelligent rebels, I hope you really enjoyed this video. As usual, feel free to receive your complementary extract of my upcoming book in English, “The 3 principles to win in every field of your life backed by science” it’s the title of the extract, not the book.

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See you next time, and in the meantime, don’t forget to be intelligent, be a rebel and be part of people who work smart and enjoy life.


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