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The Personal MBA

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Summary of Josh Kaufman’s “The Personal MBA”: Everyone can gain the knowledge and value of an MBA without spending the time and money needed to enter business school; this is the paradigm that Josh Kaufman conveys in his book, “The personal MBA”, of which the review you’ll discover here. By Josh Kaufman, 2013, 477 pages. […]

Productivity & Effectiveness

3-D Negotiation – Powerful Tools to Change the Game in Your Most Important Deals

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Summary of “3-D Trading – Powerful Tools to Change the Game in Your Most Important Deals”: Many negotiators focus only on one aspect of trading: tactics, as do many books and courses on the subject; this book goes further by adding two additional dimensions: the deal design — the art and science of reaching agreements […]


The Sales Bible

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Summary of “The Sales Bible”: Jeffrey Gitomer, a sales veteran, provides in this book a broad range of guidance, tips, tricks, prospect and methods on how to sell better. Jeffrey Gitomer, 1994 (first edition), 2008 (current revised edition), 290 pages. Chronicle and summary of “The Sales Bible”: First of all, The Sales Bible is a […]