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4+1 inspiring movies to boost your personal development :)

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List of the inspiring movies mentioned in the video on Amazon : “Zorba The Greek“ “Rocky“ “The Karate Kid“ “Invictus“ “Groundhog Day“ NOTE : For the affiliate links in this video, see the “Affiliation” section. Join the other intelligent rebels by subscribing to the YT channel and learn how to be free and happy ! […]

Hack Your Brain and Change Your Behavior

THE SECRET | Use the law of attraction to attract everything you want in life

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The Secret

Summary of “The Secret”: Rhonda Byrne explains how we can use the law of attraction to attract everything we want in our lives, and shows us how to control our thoughts. By Rhonda Byrne, 2008, 238 pages Chronicle and summary of “The Secret”: Introduction The author Rhonda Byrne starts by explaining what the circumstances were […]

Manage and Lead Your Team to Success

Crucial Conversations | Tools for talking when stakes are high

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Crucial Conversations

Summary of “Crucial Conversations”: There are events in our life that have more influence than others, and often these decisive events are crucial conversations that we have with very important people in our life, be they personal or professional; This book teaches us how to manage and use these conversations to their full potential in […]