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Seth Godin, the master of marketing | Three book summaries and reviews

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Seth Godin is an American entrepreneur, world-renowned speaker, author and blogger, famous for inventing the concept of permission marketing and a specialist in marketing storytelling. Seth Godin’s books deal with marketing but also with personal development. If you don’t know this entrepreneur with innovative ideas yet, I invite you to read this article! You will […]

Communicate Effectively and Negotiate to Win

The Leader in You: How to win friends, influence people and succeed in a changing world

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Summary and book review of “The leader in you”: In this book, Dale Carnegie presents 16 fundamental and easy to apply principles to identify and develop people’s qualities as a leader. Personal and professional success guaranteed! By Dale Carnegie, 1995, 205 pages, improved version by Stuart R. Levine and Michael A. Crom Book review and […]

Manage and Lead Your Team to Success

How to become a leader with one simple action each day

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How to become a leader

Check out this amazing video “🥋📈 The story of Ricardo Teixeira, karate world champion and entrepreneur“ Join the other intelligent rebels by subscribing to the YT channel and learn how to be free and happy! (Literal) Text Transcription of the video : Olivier Roland: Bonjour mes rebelles intelligents. After Phil two weeks ago and Bill […]