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Hello, I am Olivier Roland from the blog des livres pour changer de vie (“Life-changing Books”). I am on the island of Rhodes, which is an extraordinary island known for its magnificent medieval town which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you can understand why when you visit it. It is also an island known to be home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World; the Colossus of Rhodes, which has unfortunately completely disappeared today. I am making this video today to tell you about a book, which is well known, but which has often been read a bit hastily, or not read at all. I wanted to come back to this book, which I find excellent from many points of view. This book is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

great fortunes

This book has an interesting story, you should know that Napoleon Hill met one of the richest people of his time, Andrew Carnegie, a steel tycoon. Carnegie was an American billionaire and one of the world’s greatest fortunes of the time. He met him and told him that he wanted to understand the laws of success, what makes some people successful in getting rich and having a huge influence during their time, bringing tremendous value, while others fail and are forced to merely endure a life they did not choose?

Andrew Carnegie was so interested in his project that he agreed to introduce Napoleon Hill to all the successful people known in his time on the condition that he agree to devote a good part of his life to it. Carnegie was connected with the famous artists, entrepreneurs; and inventors of his time and provided Napoleon Hill with his address book.

The Research

Napoleon Hill did research, meeting thousands of famous and unknown people who had succeeded by various criteria, amassed some fortune, managed to live the life they dreamed of and had brought great value to society and others. He met them, and for twenty years, he wrote his book summarizing all these encounters of people who had succeeded. He found commonalities in the lives, state of mind, and actions of all these men, which he describes in this book: “Think and Grow Rich.” It is a book that is easy to read and should be read slowly to apply the principles as you go.

This book gives us the mindset to have in order to be successful in life and bring value to ourselves and to others.

It gives concrete exercises to dive into action towards success. It offers a lot of practical tips and strategies. And this is the difficulty of this book, a lot of people (it happened to me too) read it and don’t apply anything. Frank Kern, a famous entrepreneur in the United States, had done a seminar, a workshop with hundreds of people, where he had talked about this book and asked who read it. In the United States, it’s a bestseller, so almost everyone raised their hands. When asked who did which exercise Napoleon Hill talked about; only a handful of those who raised their hands admitted to having done so. This is the main problem with most books, they are not applied.

What I recommend is that you read it because it is excellent; read it slowly and apply the principles as you go. Whenever Napoleon Hill gives you an exercise, do it right away; because with some exercises you will discover things that you never suspected. This book will undoubtedly help you change and improve your life.

Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” is a book I recommend you read and apply.

Strong points:

  • The result of 20 years of studies and interviews of men who have achieved incredible success in entrepreneurship, sport, and science
  • Easy to read
  • Packed with techniques, exercises, and practical strategies

Weak points:

  • A little too easy to read (many will skip the exercises saying, “I’ll do them later”; this later of course means never)
  • Examples that are somewhat dated

My rating : The Science of Getting Rich Wallace The Science of Getting Rich Wallace The Science of Getting Rich WallaceThe Science of Getting Rich WallaceThe Science of Getting Rich WallaceThe Science of Getting Rich WallaceThe Science of Getting Rich WallaceThe Science of Getting Rich WallaceThe Science of Getting Rich Wallace

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