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Destructive Emotions: How Can We Overcome Them? A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama

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The sound is sometimes a little hard to hear because of the waterfalls, sorry! If you have trouble hearing, click “CC” at the bottom of the video! The icon will then turn red. Summary and Review of the book Destructive Emotions: Hello and welcome to Reunion, where I am writing this new article. I am taking […]

Secrets of a Healthy and Vibrant Life

The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest

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Summary of The Blue Zones: Dan Buettner has traveled the world in search of the Blue Zones: those places of the world where people live longer than elsewhere, and who are above all healthy. Discover the secrets of these communities and apply them to your lifestyle to extend your existence for several years. By Dan […]

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Purple Cow: transform your business by being remarkable

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Summary of “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin: Marketing expert Seth Godin offers suggestions on how to transform your business into a remarkable company thanks to the Purple Cow marketing concept. It consists of making your product exceptional and irreplaceable.  By Seth Godin, 2011, 177 pages. Note: The structure of the book is quite original. The […]

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The Law of David and Goliath

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Summary of “David and Goliath“ by Malcolm Gladwell: With his analysis of countless life stories, Malcolm Gladwell shows us why our weaknesses can also be our best assets and how we can always win a “David versus Goliath” fight. By Malcolm Gladwell, 2019, 288 pages Chronicle and summary of “David and Goliath” by Malcolm Gladwell Introduction […]

These Books Will Change Your Life

Books on happiness | Three outlines to help you choose the right one

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How do we achieve happiness? And besides, what is happiness? For thousands of years, Man has asked himself these questions and never come up with definitive answers. If people don’t agree on specific answers or how to get there, each person can decide for themselves. So, to achieve this there’s nothing better than to take […]

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Our Iceberg Is Melting

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Summary of “Our Iceberg is Melting” by John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber: Through a fable about penguins whose iceberg is cracking, the authors convey a message for making change happen within our organizations; we learn that companies must constantly adapt in order to develop and that success can only be achieved with a collective and innovative spirit.  By John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber, 2018 (reissue), […]