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80/20 Sales and Marketing: The definitive guide to working less and doing more

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80/20 Sales and Marketing

Summary of “80/20 Sales and Marketing: The definitive guide to working less and doing more”: Guided by renowned marketing consultant and best-selling American author Perry Marshall, sales and marketing professionals understand and apply the 80/20 law, a universal, fractal and exponential law, to work less, accomplish more and at least double their sales. By Perry […]

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Zero to one: Notes on Startups, or How to Build The Future

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Zero to one

Summary of “Zero to one” by Peter Thiel: Peter Thiel, the founder of several revolutionary companies such as PayPal, offers his vision of what it means to manage a start-up, his thoughts on what offers value in the modern world, and entrepreneurial strategies that he implements as a major entrepreneur and investor. By Peter Thiel, 2016, 259 […]

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Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe the World

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Summary from “Make Your Bed”: In this best-seller, William H. McRaven, the most famous and decorated admiral of the US Navy, reveals the ten precepts he learned and applied throughout his civilian and military life that could help us to face very difficult situations, change our lives and even change the world. By William H. […]

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Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

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Summary of “Essentialism”: Essentialism is a system-based discipline to determine where our true contribution lies. Then, to make the execution of these high value-added tasks effortless. By Greg McKeown, 2018, 272 pages. Note: This is a guest column written by Matthieu from the blog Simplement Dans Le Bon Sens. Chronicle and Summary of the book […]

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The little book of ikigai: The Japanese method to find meaning in one’s life

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The little book of ikigai

Summary of “The little book of ikigai – The Japanese method to find meaning in one’s life”: The Japanese author, Ken Mogi, describes what ikigai is, a concept deeply rooted in Japanese culture, with its five core elements. By Ken Mogi, 2018, 204 pages Review and summary of “The Little Book of Ikigai – The […]

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The One Minute Manager: The quickest way to increase your own prosperity

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The One Minute Manager

Summary of “The One Minute Manager: the quickest way to increase your own prosperity” by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson: This book reveals, in the form of a story featuring the One Minute Manager, three secrets to becoming an effective manager, capable of increasing his productivity and the profits of his company while contributing to […]

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Cool Parents Make Happy Kids: How a mom practices positive education everyday

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Summary of “Cool parents make happy kids“ by Charlotte Ducharme: Using her experience as a “positive mum“ and with a multitude of tips that work with her children as well as concrete educational tools, Charlotte Ducharme teaches us how to become a benevolent parent – neither authoritarian nor lax. She shows us how to adopt […]

These Books Will Change Your Life

The Reader

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Summary of “The Reader”: This powerful book manages to address three fundamental themes: the written word, love and human relations, and it expounds on certain ethical issues, within a historical context (Second World War), through the story of a very unusual encounter. By Bernhard Schlink, 1996, 242 pages. Original German title: Der Vorleser Note: this is […]

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The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, and Your Success

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The Compound Effect

Summary of “The Compound Effect”: This book is a reminder that small daily choices, and the smallest changes are what allow us to achieve our long-term goals, whether in terms of weight loss, financial success, or otherwise. By Darren Hardy (Publisher of “SUCCESS” magazine), 2010, 162 pages. Note : this review is written by guest Nelly […]