In Search of Wisdom

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Summary of “In Search of Wisdom: A Monk, a Philosopher, a Psychiatrist on What Matters Most” : In this three-author book, Christophe André, psychiatrist, Alexandre Jollien, philosopher and Matthieu Ricard, Buddhist monk recount their experiences, their practices, and their journeys while covering the many topics of existence that fascinate them; their points of view, which are at times […]


140 Positive and Inspirational Quotes | Give Yourself Boost!

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It’s good to be inspired, every day, by motivating positive quotes, to be positive about a daily life that has become too dull or to find small moments of joy where gloom has taken over. Sometimes a positive quote even has the incredible power to trigger a life-changing breakthrough! To make your task easier, I have made a selection of 140 beautiful quotes and positive and inspiring […]