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The Millionaire Messenger | Make a Fortune Sharing Your Advice

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Summary of “The millionaire messenger”: This book will teach you that your knowledge and experience have genuine market value. There are people out there who are interested in your knowledge, experts and are willing to pay for it. By Brendon Burchard, 2012, 254 pages. Note: This guest chronicle was written by David Barbion of the […]

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From 0 to 150 million $ in 12 years : the story of Jason Friedman

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Check out Jason Friedman’s website Jason Friedman’s Youtube channel “CXFormula“ Check out this amazing video “📚 The 4 BEST business books, chosen by Josh Kaufman (author of the Personal MBA)“ Join the other intelligent rebels by subscribing to the YT channel and learn how to be free and happy ! (Literal) Text Transcription of the […]