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220 Quotes from Confucius to Check Out!

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Confucius quotes - Chinese philosophy

Quotes from Confucius have marked Chinese history and continue to inspire the world! In this article, you’ll find over 220 of the Chinese philosopher’s greatest phrases revealing his incredible wisdom! Confucius, Chinese Humanist Philosopher Confucius’ Life From education to politics Confucius (real name: K’ung Fu-Tzu) was born in China in 551 BC. JC, in Shandong, 400 km south of Beijing. […]

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The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, and Your Success

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The Compound Effect

Summary of “The Compound Effect”: This book is a reminder that small daily choices, and the smallest changes are what allow us to achieve our long-term goals, whether in terms of weight loss, financial success, or otherwise. By Darren Hardy (Publisher of “SUCCESS” magazine), 2010, 162 pages. Note : this review is written by guest Nelly […]

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Atomic Habits | How tiny changes produce remarkable results

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Atomic Habits

Summary and book review of “Atomic Habits”: The majority of people try to change their habits all their lives but fail because they try to change everything at once. Through Atomic Habits, James Clear explains how to break this pattern, highlighting the importance of tiny changes, marginal gains or even 1% improvements, which he encompasses […]