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5 Books on Personal Finance and Wealth | Brief Summaries and Review

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In this article, you will find brief summaries and my review of 5 must-read books on personal finance/wealth! Among these works, those who have aged remain references in the field of personal finance and provide advice that is still sound and adapted to our time. Meanwhile, those that are more recent books on finance are intended to assist us […]

Secrets of a Healthy and Vibrant Life

Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness

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Summary of “Nudge”: The book “Nudge” is about how everyone can use a little judicious nudge to make one decision over another without the need to infringe upon individual freedoms. Nudge is co-authored by a professor of economics and behavioral sciences (Nobel Prize in economics) and an internationally renowned jurist who heads the Harvard Program […]