Forex for ambitious beginners

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Summary of “Forex for ambitious beginners”: Learn to invest and trade in forex i.e. currency market with a solid base to avoid mistakes made by beginners; this is what you will learn when you read Forex for ambitious beginners. By Jelle Peters, 2015, 228 pages. Note: This guest column is written by Sébastien, author of […]

Behavioral Change

The Secret

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One-sentence summary of “The Secret”: Rhonda Byrne explains how we can use the law of attraction to attract everything we want in our lives, and shows us how to control our thoughts. By Rhonda Byrne, 2008, 238 pages Chronicle and summary of “The Secret”: Introduction The author Rhonda Byrne starts by explaining what the circumstances […]


30 lies about money

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One sentence summary of “30 lies about money”: Money holds an important place in our lives, whether we have some or not, and financial issues regularly makes the front pages of the papers. In this book, the author breaks down 30 commonly held preconceptions about money, whether in the field of economics or in everyday […]

Stock Market

The Intelligent Investor

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One sentence summary of “The Intelligent Investor”: Lots of people dream of making a fortune on the stock market, but few of them truly succeed in this difficult task. Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing and mentor to Warren Buffett, offers a practical guide to long term success using the value investment philosophy which […]


The Success Principles

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One-sentence summary of The Success Principles: This book is for anyone who wants to fulfill their ambitions and their dreams, whether personal or professional: it offers sixty-four practical and inspiring principles that touch upon all aspects of life to lead you to where you really want to be.  By Jack Canfield in association with Janet Switzer, […]