Blue Ocean Strategy

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Summary of “Blue Ocean Strategy”: To grow and develop a strong positive image, a company has an interest in turning its back on its competitors and conventional wisdom in order to devote its resources to creating a blue ocean of competition and bringing value to customers, using the book’s tools. By W. Chan Kim and […]

Behavioral Change

The List

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Summary of “The List”: We all have dreams, and some of them constantly put off until tomorrow while we hardly dare to express others because they seem so outlandish. What if all it took to make those goals come true was a pencil and a piece of paper? By Yuval Abramovitz, 2014, 432 pages. Note: […]



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Summary of “Indispensable” : Among all the businesses that you know, there is bound to be a small number of them that are indispensable to you. What is it that makes these businesses stand out from the others? Joe Calloway breaks down the major principles in order to allow your business to become indispensable for […]