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172 Marketing Quotes to Boost Your Business!

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In this article, you will discover 172 marketing quotes from specialists in the field to boost your business. Marketing is an area that has been radically altered by digitalization. Consumer behavior has completely changed, forcing companies to adapt and constantly rethink their marketing strategies in order to be successful. We have thus witnessed the emergence of new approaches. Today, for example, you hear about web marketing, digital […]

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THE SALES BIBLE | The Ultimate Ressource for Top Salesmen and Women

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Summary and book review of “The Sales Bible”: Jeffrey Gitomer, a sales veteran, provides in this book a broad range of guidance, tips, tricks, prospect and methods on how to sell better. Jeffrey Gitomer, 1994 (first edition), 2008 (current revised edition), 290 pages. Book review and summary of “The Sales Bible”: First of all, The […]

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INDISPENSABLE | How to Build the Company That Your Customers Can’t Live Without

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Indispensable - Joe Calloway

Summary of “Indispensable” : Among all the businesses that you know, there is bound to be a small number of them that are indispensable to you. What is it that makes these businesses stand out from the others? Joe Calloway breaks down the major principles in order to allow your business to become indispensable for […]