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How to make friends at college

In life, it’s important to take charge rather than be a passive onlooker. Fate and destiny don’t exist. To make friends at college, there are some simple tips to follow. A bit of willpower is enough to make yourself popular, whether you’re a man or woman.

Smiling and being open-minded

College involves a lot of student intermingling. So, it’s important to take the time to approach people and to not to blend in with the crowd. You must make sure to smile and look around you. Eye contact is the first step towards making friends. In addition, people who are comfortable often win the trust of those they’re speaking to. It’s difficult to meet new friends if you’re only making small talk or if you’re always blushing.

Identifying individuals in the same situation as you

It’s easier to befriend one individual (and especially ERASMUS students) than an entire group. So, you can approach a single person in the lecture hall or the person sitting next to you during seminars. All you have to do is mention the subject of the course that you took or ask them, for example, to do research together. Working with someone can create an environment that is conducive to friendship. One of the best ways to make friends at college is to lend your notes (if you write them down on a computer!). This allows your friends to sometimes miss the lectures (sickness, double major, student job, etc.) without being disqualified.

Suggesting meeting up outside of class

Running into people every day isn’t enough! You must make the effort to suggest meeting up or going out for a drink after class. You will then be able to share information about your private life. True friends not only share the same university, they share everything. You can also use social networks to keep in touch with your friends during the holidays.

Being attentive

Friendship implies an exchange. Sometimes, all it takes is getting your classmates to share what’s currently on their minds, their doubts, etc. A friend is someone you can rely on and who often offers good advice. You shouldn’t bog down others with your own private life. There is nothing worse than a one-way conversation that is more like a monologue!

Cultivating a budding friendship

Once the foundation is laid, you must cultivate friendship in order to grow it. Don’t hesitate to do little things like wishing a happy birthday or offering a birthday cake to your classmates. You can also catch up with them regularly or walk around together between classes, or when going to and coming from the university.

It’s time to create your new network! Furthermore, college friends can be a big plus in your future professional life. Depending on the positions held, they can sometimes help you get an interview or internship.

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