Video: Abundance Is Our Future

Here is an excellent TED video that I have been waiting for a long time to publish on this blog, titled “Abundance Is Our Future.” As you will see, its content really goes against what the media are telling us all day long, since Peter Diamandis, presenter, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author of the book “Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think shows us that optimism about our present and future is a reasonable and sensible option, and is a fierce critic of the role of media at the same time. A short video worth its weight in gold!

Abundance Is Our Future

(If you are using an iPad/iPhone and don’t see this video, click here)

I hope this video has convinced you that there can be tempered and concrete optimism about our future, or at least that it has intrigued you enough to make you want to know more. If you liked it, share it to bring a new air of optimism to our nation and our world. I’m more than sick of the pessimism and doom-mongering conveyed by the media that poison our brains, and maybe you are sick of it too.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself”

For more information:

  • Peter Diamandis Wikipedia page
  • FoldIt, the protein folding game Peter talks about in his video (Wikipedia article)
  • Article in French on Peter Diamandis’ new company, “Planetary Resources Inc.”; whose purpose is to prepare for the mining of asteroids. An example of the ventures that today’s bold entrepreneurs and techno-philanthropists are embarking on; and which can bring huge benefits to everyone in the near future.
  • The book by Peter Diamandis goes much further than this video: Abundance : The Future Is Better Than You Think (Only in English for the time being. If you are a French publisher, consider having it translated; you will help to engineer optimism in French society; and you will have my full support – with my lists of over 50,000 people – for its promotion)
  • Pick a song you love, rock out and share this video! Thank You!

And thank you to Hugo Wagner for the French translation that I had been waiting for two months!

Peter Diamantis is one of the characters interviewed by Tim Ferriss – author of the famous The 4-Hour Workweekfor his book The Tools of Titans

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