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Take a look at the interview I did with the author Tim Ferriss, as it ties in very well with the book:

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Hello and welcome to this new video from the blog “Books for a change of life”. In this video I want to talk about the book “The 4-hour Work Week”, as from all the non-fiction books I’ve read (and by now it’s a fair amount), it’s probably the one that has been the most beneficial and has had the most impact on me, the one that has motivated me more than the others to make changes in my professional and personal life.

It’s by no means flawless, as Tim Ferriss can come across as a little too self-obsessed, or exaggerate in certain sections of the book to make things seem easier than they actually are… these are all legitimate arguments, but the book is full of many good features.

“Most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.” Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Work Week

It is straightforward, practical, provides a step-by-step method, and when you embark on the journey that Tim Ferriss proposes, as I did, and you experience all the steps to liberate yourself, create a business, your actions become automatic, and you live “The 4-Hour Work Week”, you realize that Tim Ferriss has actually done this himself, that he speaks from experience and that for each stage he outlines the problems that may arise very clearly and offers you solutions that are very pertinent.

It’s a book that inspires you, has a huge impact and really blows your mind. I’ve met entrepreneurs who were really blown away when they read this book, it completely changed their outlook. I had been an entrepreneur for eight years; it completely changed my vision of entrepreneurship.

I recently read that “The 4-Hour Work Week” sold nearly 30,000 copies in France. That’s pretty decent, but compared to the number of business owners or people who want to start a business in France, there’s a huge discrepancy between the number of copies currently in circulation and the number of people who could benefit from it.

Tim Ferriss – The author of 4-Hour Work Week

Tim Ferriss

That’s why I made this video for you. If you are one of those people who haven’t read “The 4-Hour Work Week” yet, sort it out immediately, buy it, it costs about €19,00. Borrow it from someone, at the very least read the column I wrote on my blog “Books to change your life”.

You can completely disagree with this book; however, I don’t think that you can’t be an entrepreneur nowadays and not have read “The 4-Hour Work Week”. You just deprive yourself of the chance to look at things from a totally alternative perspective; in regards to both your business and your life, which you won’t find elsewhere. It is now increasingly common in other books; especially those in English; but in French it is still quite rare to find such books.

This is my message to you today. If you haven’t yet read “The 4-Hour Work Week“, please read it. Lots of people were so absorbed by it that they read it in a weekend. Read it, it has its flaws, it’s a controversial book, by no means perfect; but it’s sure to have a huge effect on you. I thank all of you who have watched this video and see you soon for more adventures.

Olivier Roland

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