The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth

The One Minute Millionaire

Summary of the book The One Minute Millionaire: Everyone wants to be a millionaire and to learn the secrets required to make as much money as possible: With the combination of the right principles combined with sound skills, it is possible to increase your income and attain this level of wealth, particularly with the application of leverage to these concepts, the accrual of wealth is achievable for everyone.

By Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen, ADA Editions, 2003, 402 pages. Original title: The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth.

Note: this guest column was written by Matthieu Lajoie from the blog Understand your finances

Chronicle and summary of the book The One Minute Millionaire:


From the outset, the authors compare the ascent of Mount McKinley (the highest mountain in North America, located in Alaska) with the achievement of a very tough goal: to become a millionaire. Several climbers have managed to climb this mountain in Alaska.

However, they had to train, as well as to plan, for the climb very carefully. Millionaire Mountain has many steps to climb, but it appears that it will be easier and less dangerous to conquer. Phew! Fortunately, my physical condition doesn’t allow me to take that on… I like my slippers.

The tools needed, in the author’s opinion, are contained in his plan: The Enlightened Millionaire’s Plan.

Just like climbers, we require experts to guide us, show us the correct path to take and to avoid the pitfalls. That’s the role Robert Allen and Mark Hansen have given themselves. They will be your mentors as you read this guide.

I personally like to follow successful mentors. How many people have become millionaires because they told others how to become millionaires? The authors are both millionaires. Once I had read what they  had to say, I figured that their advice was probably worth its weight in gold.

The One Minute Millionaire provides the tools and the process required to earn your first million dollars. Why a million? Because through the creation of a string of millionaire individuals, it will create a domino effect of a million million millionaires who will share their wealth and improve the world. This is Allen and Hansen’s goal, a very worthwhile objective in my opinion.

Life can certainly be more enjoyable if we are free of financial worries, speak to Olivier about it. :-).

But seriously, The One Minute Millionaire is structured in two parts. The pages on the left describe strategies and techniques to be implemented in everyday life that will guide you up the Million Dollar Mountain.

They are all short lessons that can help guide you to the summit of the famous million.

The pages on the right tell the story of Michelle, who has to earn $1 million in 90 days to maintain custody of her children. This is really the storyline of the book: Could you accumulate a million dollars if the lives of your loved ones were dependent on it?

The Millionaire Equation

The authors of The One Minute Millionaire make this promise: “We will teach you a step-by-step method to become not only a Millionaire, but an enlightened millionaire”.

They claim that it is vital to develop a millionaire attitude from the very outset. That is, to have a mind set and a belief that allows you to become rich. And this results in the Millionaire Equation:

One Dream + One Team + One Theme = The Ingredients for the Millionaire.

to make more money

They believe that with The Dream, you develop a strong desire for wealth, that you develop self-confidence and the attitude of a millionaire. The Team is at the heart of the equation. If you attract skilled partners and competent mentors it will make the dream come true. Finally, The Theme, is to select and, above all, to apply the fundamental processes that millionaires have developed to rapidly increase their wealth.

The One Minute Millionaire is centered on these three essential steps to climb the Mountain of Wealth.

At the end of the introduction, you are assured that the first step involved to become a millionaire is to simply make a commitment to become a millionaire. This commitment affects two things: desire and faith. To make this commitment serious, the authors of the book ask us to fill out the “Enlightened Millionaire Commitment form”.

I myself have completed this commitment. It’s a conscientious first step to kick my butt.

First section of the book: The millionaire’s Eureka

Before we get down to business, we are shown the two paths to reach the top of the Millionaire Mountain: the long way and the short cut.

The long trail is obviously the easiest and least risky. It is the famous “one dollar each & every day” theory. So:

  • Spend less than you earn;
  • Invest the difference;
  • Give it time to work

Although it takes patience and a lot of discipline, I like this method.

You are sure to reach your goal. Slowly but surely as they say. However, the authors aim to quickly establish a position of wealth through the use of one or more of these; the stock market, real estate, the internet and private companies.

I suggest that in this case, you could do both. You work hard on your 4 pillars of wealth and while you quickly create your fortune, why not take the long way too? Regardless of what happens, Mr. Allen and Mr. Hansen believe you will become a millionaire.

Now it’s time to talk about the principles of wealth, what the authors consider to be the millionaire’s eureka. In fact, they are the 24 basic rules to achieve wealth.

Eureka number 1 – Each person expresses themselves

This principle of wealth stems more from personal development than from wealth per se, although often the two are closely related. In short: Have positive and, more importantly, powerful thoughts!!! You must nurture your enthusiasm to succeed. You must realize that everything around you has led to someone’s fortune. There are millions of people all around us. Wow!! This really provides you with a good wake-up call, doesn’t it?

Eureka number 2 – To be, to do, to have

The authors explain that in order to reach the book’s goal (which is now mine) to have $1 million net in my bank account, there are steps that need to be taken.

First of all, you have to BE a millionaire. You have to understand that wealth comes when you improve the lives of others, and that ownership means to give more to others.

Once this has been achieved, to DO comes into play. You act on it. You do everything possible to add value to the world around you. Once achieved, the result should become a reality. You have just achieved the to HAVE.

Remember, it is very important to complete these steps in the right order: to be, to do and to have.

Eureka number 3 – Move up a level

At this point, you should understand that your path to wealth will be filled with obstacles and setbacks. And these millionaires believe that these setbacks are a good thing. I also believe that the world learns from its mistakes. You have to learn to blame yourself when you fail and not put the blame on your neighbor … to live on a higher level.

Eureka number 4 – Your natural state is abundance

There is a huge amount of wealth out there. There is no reason not to have some of it, except in your personal perception of things. This abundance needs to be transferred to the realm of money. There will be plenty of money for those who promote the concepts of how to obtain it. Think about it!!

Eureka number 5 – Those who give receive

This Eureka was a paradox for me. How can you give if your goal is to be a millionaire? I will give once I reach my goal, won’t I? It seems to be an odd way to approach the life of a millionaire. The maxim “those who give, receive” is a good one.

It is a rather spiritual notion of wealth, but a good one to apply.

Eureka number 6 – To change your reality is easy

The sole purpose of this eureka is to not listen to your little inner voice. The voice that, after the discovery of the best idea of the century, makes itself heard to say: “you are not capable, others have failed before you, why will it work for you?”. This voice causes you to doubt yourself and the result of this doubt is to do nothing. Come Monday morning, you return to work without your million in the bank.

Eureka number 7 – Words speak for themselves

To sum it up, avoid negative thoughts. They cause a lot more harm than you think.

Eureka number 8 – You are your own asset

It only needs 3 resources to embark on your journey to riches:

  • A good idea,
  • Commitment,
  • The people in possession of the other resources.

We alone choose the moment to implement this plan.

Eureka number 9 – Wealth means freedom

This is my favorite eureka. Financial freedom is the most wonderful freedom. No need to be somebody’s slave and have a lousy job, isn’t that everyone’s dream?

That’s my aim, it’s my dream scenario. The ability to support myself with my alternative and passive income. Story to follow…

Eureka number 10 – It all starts with a dream

At this point, they ask this question: How different will life be 5 years from now? Would you be able to answer it now?

Personally, I have my own thoughts: to be able to own assets that generate a good income.

Eureka number 11 – Clarity = power

It is important to have goals, but what matters is how you set them. To clarify, it is not enough to just have a goal and simply wish to achieve it. You have to imagine yourself in it and visualize the scenario and situations as much as possible.

Eureka number 12 – Greater clarity gives increased power

It’s Eureka 11 taken to the max. You need to take the time to write down your dreams on paper and read them out aloud afterwards. If you do this every day, your mind will understand what it is that you really want.

Eureka number 13 – Tap into your genius

The authors identify 4 characteristics that are exploited by those in the know. Passion (love what you do), talent (be good at what you do), values (what you do is important to you) and destiny (do what you were born to do).

Eureka number 14 – Passion and love

When you become rich, it implies a passion and love for what you have chosen to do.

Your success will depend on passion and love.

Eureka number 15 – Imagination triumphs over willpower

A doctor by the name of Émile Coulé once said that when your will (your rational side) is in conflict with your imagination (your creative side), it is always the imagination that wins. Therefore, you have to understand that your imagination is the key to your success and that it really is very powerful.

Eureka number 16 – The depth and breadth of the question determines the magnitude of the results

In fact, the questions determine the answers. It is your duty, as future millionaires, to ask yourselves the right questions. Failure to do so will mean that you will never realize your full potential.

Eureka number 17 – You already know the answer

It seems that your memory is perfect. It has stored millions of bits of data. To access it, all you have to do is develop your intuition. The answers are there already.

That’ s quite a challenge for me.

Eureka number 18 – Be consistent

Everything we aim to build must be done with the harmonization of 3 elements: desire, faith and self-esteem.

You must want to get there (desire), you must believe that you can make a lot of money (faith) and you must be totally convinced that you deserve to be rich (self-esteem). If any one of these elements doesn’t exist, it’s simply a waste of your time.

Eureka number 19 – You’re a money magnet

With the use of this image of the magnet, you attract what you want, whatever the cost.

Eureka number 20 – Hit the switch and your door will open

You need to be committed to reach the top of the millionaire’s mountain. It’s where the race begins. It is the spark that lights the fire, as Robert Allen and Mark Hansen say. Millionaires are committed people.

Eureka number 21 – If you share you’ll end up with more

I found it hard to figure out this eureka. Donations don’t take away from something; they add to it. It’s like when you plant a single seed, but it will bear a lot of fruit. The authors’ hope is that each apprentice millionaire will donate 10% of their profits.

The maxim: “give a little and you will get it back a hundredfold” finds its meaning here.

Eureka number 22 – God knows where the gold is

Normally money is not associated with religious issues. Wealth then becomes a reward for faith. Personally, I do not subscribe to this principle as yet. I find it difficult to believe in God. It’s something for me to work on.

Perhaps it’s a test from God just for me?

Eureka number 23 – Destruction results in creation

You must change your ways. What’s there to prevent you to be millionaires? Can this attitude be eliminated immediately? You need to concentrate on a method that has overcome its failures, since failure is a way to start over, but in a smart way.

Eureka number 24 – Have courage of your convictions

Avoid self-sabotage. Never forget eureka 18: desire, faith and self-esteem. If you remain consistent in your approach, you will ultimately be able to achieve your most cherished dream: to become a successful and well-informed millionaire.

The recipe of The One Minute Millionaire

Richard Branson

All millionaires have used this formula to get rich: leverage.

Leverage provides momentum to reach your million-dollar goal faster. As a result, you control a lot of things with leverage. The authors recommend 5 types of leverage to put into practice:

Other people’s money: I believe that the method that best exemplifies this method is real estate. With a small amount of cash, you can control 100% of the building… and 100% of any increase in its value. Thousands of people have become millionaires through this system.

Other peoples’ expertise: How to use other people’s skills? Read their books, attend their conferences and courses. Be audacious and even arrange personal meetings with them. This is one of the best tools to build up wealth, through the knowledge of those who have already been successful. It’s a shortcut: gain years of knowledge and also avoid a few mistakes.

Other people’s ideas: Partnerships with others who wish to share their ideas is a good way to approach this. Examples could be to write a book or even run a franchise that applies to this type of leverage.

Other people’s time: Many people are keen to sell their time, talent and even know-how at reasonable prices. “Use other people’s skills and maximize your time” is the message of the authors.

Other people’s work: Most people want security and a regular paycheck. Just hire these people and ask them to do the work you don’t want to do…. and expand whilst other people do the work.

All millionaires use these 5 levers as much as possible, but would you like to use the leverage to its maximum?

Robert Allen suggests 6 key forms of leverage:

  1. Mentors
  2. Teams
  3. Networks
  4. Invisible networkS
  5. Skills and tools
  6. Systems

The message is: “Use these 6 forms of leverage to achieve a goal. Nothing will stop you”.


Every successful person had a mentor. Mentors are a tremendous source of information. First, they give you an insight. Due to the exhilaration and often the anxiety that you experience whilst on the path to wealth, at times you may not be entirely objective when faced with challenges. A mentor, by nature, is the wise person in such circumstances.

Obviously, a mentor gives you the skills. Your lack of expertise or knowledge can be minimized by a mentor. The mentor will guide you through the obstacles (since they have gone down the same route) and avoid costly and lengthy mistakes.

The search for a mentor can seem difficult. However, a simple question to ask is this: Who is your hero?

Your mentor may be the author of a blockbuster book on your favourite theme or a public figure who is dominant in their professional life. You can go and meet these millionaires.

Why not invite one of them to have a cup of tea with you, BE BRAVE!!!

You should ask them how they got there. The difficulties they encountered and how they resolved them? :-), Can they give you any advice? If they had to start all over again, how would they do it this time around?

What you have to understand is that every millionaire had a mentor. It forms a part of their leverage. Your strength is equal to that of your mentors. If you mentor others it’s a powerful form of leverage.


It’s hard to be successful on your own, isn’t it? Generally, to be successful is hard to achieve by yourself, it’s something that is more likely to be achieved within a team. We understand why teams also provide a nice leverage effect… a real synergy 🙂

Often, when you work together, you accomplish a lot more than if you work tucked away all by yourself.

But how do you build your team? That was the first question I asked myself. Well, the basic rule of thumb is that the vision and values of the team members must match yours. In order to build a dream team, you have to use each person’s strengths rather than their weaknesses. The authors have created an acronym for this: HOTS.

H= Hares

O= Owls

T= Turtles

S= Squirrels

Hares are creative, spontaneous and provide ideas. Consequently, they are not well suited for the next phase of a project. Owls, on the other hand, like to plan and implement strategies. They know how to implement other people’s ideas. As for the turtle, they consider the pros and cons and are cautious by nature. However, interestingly enough, they are quick to recognize potential problems and spot potential failures. Lastly, squirrels work one at a time, are methodical and, most importantly, logical.

If you only have two people on your team, you must have a hare and a turtle or an owl and a squirrel, otherwise your team will go around in circles. A balanced team is one of the secrets of every millionaire.

Your network and your million-dollar address book

The power of a network is another source of leverage that the authors believe should be cultivated. Apparently, each person knows at least 250 people. In turn, these 250 people each know 250 other people… there’s now a network of 62,500 people (250 * 250). The more people you know, the greater your strength and leverage.

Basically, this is really a long-term process. You have to work on it every week or even every day. The objective is to develop multiple relationships with various people in a diversity of sectors so that you can exchange knowledge and experience in order to become wealthy.

It’s the use of the phrase: “The money is in the list”. These mailing lists are tremendously important when it comes to leverage. It’s the quickest way to market a product with the use of specific databases and all the details that they include.

The invisible network

Strangely enough, the fact that it is invisible does not detract from its importance. The invisible network is probably the most important leverage effect there is. In relation to Eureka 21 and 22, if you give it adds value to what you can achieve. The authors clarify that you have to accept the spiritual component in your pursuit of wealth, in order for you to succeed in the long term.

For example, Allen and Hansen suggest that you donate 10% to your church or community. This connects you to the invisible world and is a source of wealth.

Once again, I am not comfortable with the idea to include these spiritual aspects. However, it seems that you have to do so. I will attempt to implement this principle.

As mentioned earlier, your journey will be supported by a mentor. The mentor will show you some shortcuts and highlight mistakes to be avoided. Next step, you need to have a great team in place that will achieve genuine results. Third, your networks will grow exponentially through you and your team members, along with your mentor. Finally, the magic of the invisible network will show itself. Good fortune will occur at opportune moments and thus, your invisible network will be activated.

Skills and tools

If you possess the tools and know how to use them it forms the foundation for your financial success.

It’s the key to further leverage.


The ultimate tool to master is undoubtedly computers. In the book The One Minute Millionaire, we quote Daniel H. Pink: “Internet is a Marxist phenomenon, digital Marxism”.

Why choose this phrase? Because, as an individual, you now hold the power. The Internet and computers in general have become a means of production that is now accessible to everyone.

Allen and Hansen advise you to master these tools. They can be the key to your million dollars. Significant leverage that plays a very important role.


Possession of the tools is a good asset, but the much sought-after leverage effect will be achieved if you are able to master the 7 skills linked to money:

1- value

Each dollar represents the first step in any financial success. This dollar, through the use of various leverage skills, can be the first step to great wealth. Therefore, you must give value to every dollar earned… even just a single dollar.

2- control

Millionaires control their money at all times. They look for the best value, try to reduce their expenses as much as possible, monitor their bank balance, etc…

3- savings

The famous 10% rule. Enlightened millionaires do not live like millionaires. They lower their living costs in order to save large sums of money. A minimum of 10% to be set aside annually is desirable.

4- investments

As soon as the savings are in your bank account, you move on to the investment stage. A strategy needs to be developed so that you can scale the mountain of wealth. Once the emergency fund is well-stocked, you have the opportunity to invest in some fairly safe funds, with the potential to move into high-risk, but high-potential funds.

5- sources of income

On top of a job that brings in a regular salary to cover the basics, wealthy people have a multitude of other income streams. When one category of income is in difficulty, another one will take over. Remember the 4 pillars: internet, stock exchange, real estate, private enterprise.

6- protection

You must protect all your assets from unexpected circumstances. Trusts, corporations or other legal systems can be used. The objective is to live like a millionaire, but with few assets in your name.

7- Sharing

You return here to the donation of 10% of your income. I like the expression used in the book The One Minute Millionaire: “Plant money trees so that others can reap the benefits”.


Failures generally have a common theme, which is  that 94% of them don’t occur because of inefficiency, it’s the system that’s to blame. With the correct system in place, you increase your chances to successfully scale the millionaire’s mountain and once again provide that much needed leverage.

What is a good system? It’s a tried and tested system. The result will be to save you time, effort and above all, money. Over the course of their careers, most millionaires have developed a system that allows them to build up their wealth. Another argument to back-up the importance of a mentor at your side.

It’ s easy to say, but how do you recognize a good system? Millionaires’ systems are risk-free. Invest as little of your own money as possible or investments with companies are ways to minimize your exposure in a business.

Minimal effort is suggested. In return for a minimum of effort, the results must be maximized. Find unusual and creative ways so that you don’t use your own money.

Borrow or use OPM… other people’s money.

Don’t spend time on it, at least as little as possible… You need to strive to create an asset that manages itself and the revenues need to be continuous and regular. In the meantime, you progress and create another revenue stream.

Eventually, this will lead to your ultimate objective: no management. You need to surround yourself with people who are the best for the activities you don’t want to do. You have to agree to delegate your work.

All these theories sound great, but you need practical examples!!!

I had the same response that you did. Just read on for a few more pages and you come to a few of them: real estate, online store, network marketing, copyright, run your own business, dividend payments. This is just a short list of examples, only your imagination can stop it.

Foundations of wealth

This is the magical part of the book. Robert Allen, who wrote Nothing Down, shares some tips on how to succeed in the real estate business. He will be your mentor in this section of the book. The first section covers facts about real estate and the second section provides tips and techniques to help you succeed on the Internet. 

Real estate

Keys to success

To start the process, you need to make a profit on the purchase. Robert Allen puts forward some scenarios:

  • Discount opportunities (buy cheap and sell at a profit)
  • Properties that come with problems (renovation or problem tenants)
  • Opportunities for conversion (rental building to condominium)

With a desire to become rich as quickly possible, this real estate millionaire explains his three-step process.

1- Find bargains (unearth opportunities)

He suggests specific criteria in order to identify real estate bargains. Amongst other things, look for motivated sellers in the classified ads, search the real estate brokers, ask banks and the county court, publish your own ad, something along the lines of: Real estate investor seeks property.

2- Fund the transaction (find the mortgage and down payment)

Everyone became wealthy when they borrowed money. As far as possible, buy with a minimum of cash, and ideally, no cash at all.

For instance, he suggests you exchange your expertise for the money you need, cover the seller’s expenses, use the rent as a down payment or take advantage of rental with option to purchase and even your credit cards.

The option for a partner, whether active or silent, is also suggested.

3- And finally, re-sell quickly (sell the property at a profit)

There is nothing to add here… “Sell your property and start again until the million is in your bank account” is, for Robert Allen, the route to real estate success.

Allen ends this section with a poignant sentence: “Don’t wait to acquire real estate. Buy real estate and wait!”


meaningful products offer customers

With the use of this method, both Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen became millionaires. They see it as the fastest way to create wealth. To help you comprehend the power of this pillar, their basic summary is that if you possess a Unique, Sensational and Powerful product, you will hit the jackpot.

They are adamant that there are millions of dollars to be earned by everyone if you make use of the information available within online data.

If you sell information (your own or others’), you can achieve wonders for your business. Many different niches can be exploited: specific knowledge on a theme, personal growth, love, money, hobbies, success stories… and failures, and of course, the well-guarded secrets of experts in a given field.

It could be a book. The authors believe that everyone can write a book, that everyone has a book within themselves. And that these days, it’s pretty easy to publish a book. Apparently, you can print books for $0.25 a page and $1.50 for the book covers.

We are told the story of Cindy Cashman (a surname predisposed to make a fortune). She made a million dollars when she produced a unique, sensational and powerful book herself!!! It is called Everything Men Know About Women. Her pseudonym as an author was Dr. Alan Francis. The contents of the book: absolutely nothing, nada, niet!!!

Just 96 blank pages. This entire book is empty.

Just think about it. Cindy has now retired as she no longer needs to work.

The chapter’s punch line: “Transform information into cash”.

A memorable example to end the book

Does the title of the book, The One Minute Millionaire, suggest that it is possible to become a millionaire in a minute?

It is taken for granted that the Internet is the best means to do so. Robert and Mark own many websites and collect several thousand email addresses every year.

Between the two of them, they have nearly a million names. They just give this formula: if we offer a seminar at a cost of $1000 and only 1% of our list enrols within a minute, which is 1,000 people, then 1000 * 1000 results in $1,000,000.

So, is it possible to make a million dollars in a single minute? The authors are convinced that you can.

Review of: “The One Minute Millionaire” by Mathieu Lajoie from the blog Understand your finances

I asked Olivier to summarize The One Minute Millionaire on his blog Books to change your life for one important reason: so, can you guess? Well, it’s obvious, this book changed my life.

Over the last few years, I have learnt about ways to build wealth and achieve financial independence. I came from a modest background, raised by (and happy to be raised by) parents who worked hard, so I didn’t come from a background where this was an everyday reality. After I found The One Minute Millionaire and read it a few times, the light went on.

The One Minute Millionaire has completely revolutionized the way I think about business and the accumulation of wealth.

The One Minute Millionaire not only brings you theoretical content, but also invaluable insights into personal development and marketing concepts. It really does provide you with everything you need to know.

I really liked the style in which the authors write. They have experienced the world about which they write, and they share their secrets. You often hear that you can achieve wealth, but that it will take 40 years with regular saving and décent interest rates. The One Minute Millionaire offers this as a possible option but not one that is particularly attractive.

So he tells us about the pillars of wealth and how they work and what their benefits are. This drives you to build one of these pillars and create your own wealth. This provided me with the missing bricks that I needed to build my empire.

Allen and Hansen become your mentors and guide you on your journey.

With this book, the power of one good idea in your life is clear for everyone to see.

One of the great principles taught in this book, which I had never used before I read it, is the power of multiple sources of income. To not be dependent on a single boss is undoubtedly the best idea of the century!!!

Clearly, all the explanations, strategies and techniques which are explained step by step make this book a must-have for those who wish to discover the secrets required to become wealthy.

And to end it, the story of Michelle, the woman who has to get a million dollars in 90 days (as told on the pages on the right) adds a touch of romanticism and provides a good balance to the book as it gives our minds a moment to relax.

I’m confident that everyone will discover some benefit when they read this book. It reveals many aspects of the business world and of personal wealth. It guides you on your road to success. All these ideas make the book well worth its price tag of $25.

Strong Points:

  • Gives you a good kick in the ass 🙂
  • This book describes principles of wealth by authors who have themselves achieved financial independence. This makes it easier to believe in their methods.
  • Sound advice. The One Minute Millionaire doesn’t just present you with random ideas. Throughout the book, there are constant examples to support the theory.
  • Two books in one. There is a theoretical book, but additionally, a fictitious story which describes the concepts dealt with in the book. There is a continuous transition from theory to practice. It is totally motivational.

Weak Points:

  • The book states that there are 4 Millionaire mountains. However, it only covers real estate and the Internet. Private enterprise is touched upon but it is not enough. With regard to the Stock Exchange, there is not a single thing.
  • The Eureka points. The approach to these, although important, is rather cumbersome to read and often you have to read through these passages again so as to understand the message.
  • Michelle’s story is a bit exaggerated. It is difficult to imagine this story in reality.

My rating : The One Minute Millionaire wealth The One Minute Millionaire wealth The One Minute Millionaire wealthThe One Minute Millionaire wealthThe One Minute Millionaire wealthThe One Minute Millionaire wealthThe One Minute Millionaire wealthThe One Minute Millionaire wealthThe One Minute Millionaire wealth

Have you read “The One Minute Millionaire”? How do you rate it?

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