The One Minute Manager

The One Minute Manager

3 skills for an efficient manager

Hello and welcome to this new video from the blog “Books for a change of life”. I’m currently near Nantes to help a friend launch a new product and I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about a book, which is, for once, quite short and can be read very quickly. I think you can read it in an hour. This book called “The One Minute Manager” really changed my life.

Transcript (literal) of the video “The One Minute Manager“:

Before I explain the content of “The One Minute Manager“, let me tell you how I came across this book and how it changed my life. Basically, about a year and a half to two years after I started my business (I must have been 21), things were really good, I was overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to do and I needed to hire someone to help out. This worried me because I had never hired or been someone’s boss before. I was only 21 years old, I had started my first business when I was just 19 and I really had no experience with these sort of things.

So, what I decided to do was to go and visit one of my current clients who had just started up their own business. However, he had previously run a company with over 200 people, so I thought, he must know something about management. I asked him for advice.

He said this to me: “Olivier, I’ve read hundreds of books on management, and there’s only one that you need to read and follow to be able to manage people productively. And that book is: “The One Minute Manager“. As you can probably imagine, I was very happy that with his recommendation of such a straightforward and helpful book. I rushed to the nearest bookstore and bought it. I read the whole thing extremely quickly, because “The One Minute Manager” is written in the style of a novel. In fact, it’s a short story that can be read extremely quickly, in an hour. It is just the story of someone who is in search of a brilliant and capable manager. He finds “The Minute One Manager” who teaches him some incredibly simple techniques to successfully manage the people he is responsible for.

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It’s obvious that there are a great many things to understand in management. It’s an extremely complex science as it involves humans, a very complex subject. Obviously, the book The One Minute Manager does not purport to explain everything about management. But its aim is just to give you some simple, practical tools, which are very easy to apply in your company, or elsewhere, to effectively manage the people who are under your responsibility, whether they are employees or not.

I’ve read a lot of books on management, and The One Minute Manager is the easiest and most practical one I’ve ever read. If you’ve just started up your business, it’s really useful if you plan to employ other people. If you are an entrepreneur who is about to hire someone for the first time, if you work in a business where you need to motivate people because you’re their boss, and you have no experience of these situations, this book will give you the few tools needed to help you get started, and you’ll discover that they’re really very straightforward. Read it, it will really change your life.

Thank you and see you soon for more adventures.

Strong Points:

  • Written like a novel
  • Very quick to read (one hour)
  • Practical, simple and useful
  • The main features of management
  • A must for entrepreneurs and managers new to the business

Weak Points:

  • Only scratches the surface of a very complex subject

My rating : The One Minute Manager Ken Blanchard The One Minute Manager Ken Blanchard The One Minute Manager Ken BlanchardThe One Minute Manager Ken BlanchardThe One Minute Manager Ken BlanchardThe One Minute Manager Ken BlanchardThe One Minute Manager Ken BlanchardThe One Minute Manager Ken BlanchardThe One Minute Manager Ken Blanchard

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