Everybody is wrong about productivity : the counter-intuitive hack to do more with less today

Almost everyone makes this mistake and tries to become productive by turning things upside down… I share with you in this video the counter-intuitive way to save time in your life, and strangely enough it starts with… finding a new thing to do! 🙂

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Text transcription :

Hello, hello my Intelligent Rebels.

I’m here in the beautiful city of Istanbul on my way back from Cancun to Dubai. Because yes, this was more or less on the way and I thought it would be a great stop to explore this amazing city. And today, I will share with you one counter-intuitive hack that you can use to increase your productivity. Let’s go.

So, bad news: most people really don’t want to be more productive. Yes they do want to, but it’s just a way for them to have more time in their life. So when people say “I want to be more productive”, they say actually “Oh, I want to have more time in my life to do more things”, it means you can learn also to delegate more and to automate more.

But the thing is most people start this the wrong way because let me ask you one question. Let’s say you learn an amazing method to be more productive, or you build an amazing team that you can delegate to, or you automate some aspects of your business with software and you gain two hours of time per week. The thing is my dear Intelligent Rebels, if you don’t know how you’re going to use this time more often than not, when you will have this free time, you will be in front of your computer, maybe in your office or where you usually work.

to do more with less, wrong about productivity

Now, let me ask you. If you don’t have anything to do and you have two hours to kill and you are in front of your computer, what are you going to do most of the time? Maybe 95% of your time or more? Yes, exactly, you are going to find something to work on. You are going to find something to do on your computer even if it’s not necessary, and don’t get me wrong, maybe you’ll finally explore all these amazing cat videos you can find on YouTube.

But I think you will agree with me if I tell you it’s maybe not the best use of your time and certainly not what you had in mind when you wanted to have more free time in your life.

So, the counter-intuitive hack is the following: Before you learn any productivity method or other things to get more time, you need to find something in your life outside of work that makes you super impatient to close your computer, so you do this activity, all right?

Because with this, not only you will know what to do with your free time, but you will be super motivated to be laser focused on your work, to work only on what is needed to be done and to be more productive, delegate and automate the rest.

So, you will say “Great Olivier, but what activity can I find that makes me impatient to close my computer?”

Well, you have to explore for yourself. For me, it’s travelling. When I arrive in a new place like this amazing city of Istanbul that I’m exploring for the first time, I want to do one billion things besides working. I want to explore the place, I want to meet the people, I want to taste the food, I want to do the activities, I want to feel the atmosphere. And so, it makes me super productive.

It makes me super motivated to only focus on what is really important, the 20% of my work that will bring 80% of the results.

pareto the 20% of my work that will bring 80% of the results

And because of the situation in 2020, I spent 8 months in Dubai. It was the first time for 10 years that I didn’t travel at all. I realized when I started to travel again like two and half months ago that I gave myself a lot of things to do in my business that I shouldn’t have. And when I started to travel again, I didn’t have the time to do all the things and travel at the same time. So, I started to delegate, automate and even eliminate things.

So, think about this: what kind of activity could you do that will fill your life outside of work?

If you don’t know the answer right now, it’s fine, it means you need to explore. Maybe you are the most passionate person in the world about skydiving, but you never skydived in your life. Maybe you are the most passionate person about growing vegetables in your garden, but you have never tried it. Or maybe you are super passionate about horse riding, but you never approached a horse in your life. You get my point.

If you don’t know what activities can really fill you up outside of work, it’s because you haven’t explored enough. So, give yourself some time and allow yourself to explore new activities and maybe you will find something like a gem that will fill you up for the rest of your life.

Just a parenthesis before I leave you, when you start a business, you don’t want to do this. You want to have a knife between your teeth, give everything you have and work full time and more than full time to make your business a success.

When it reaches a certain level of success then you can step back, you know, breathe a little bit and try to have more balance in your life.

how to have more balance in your life

If you want to learn more strategy methods and tips to have a business that is in service of your life instead of your life being in service of your business, maybe you will be interested in my book “The Way Of The Intelligent Rebel”. You can receive right now a free extract “Three Principles To Succeed in Life” backed by science because I have this quote that I share at the beginning of my book that says “As to methods, there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” It’s from Harrington Emerson.

With these three principles, you will be able to choose your very few methods among the millions that exist out there and you will see how the one I just shared with you is connected to these three principles I talk about in my book.

Do you think it’s too good to be true? Well, there is only one way to know, be a good skeptic and see for yourself. So, click on the link that appears in the video or below and receive your free extract and make your own mind up about it.

See you in the book and in the next video. And meanwhile, don’t forget: be intelligent, be a rebel and be part of the people who understand the principles and choose their own method.


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