The Story of Andrei Parabellum | The king of russia shares how to dominate your market

In this video, Andrei Parabellum gives advice and strategies to be at the top of an industry.

Andrei Parabellum - The King of Russia
Andrei Parabellum – The King of Russia

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(Literal) Text Transcription of the video :

Olivier Roland: Hello! my intelligent rebels. Today, I share with you an interview with the only, the unique, the magnificent Andrei Parabellum.

Okay. Maybe, I’m becoming a bit too excited. But Andrei, maybe he is completely unknown to you. But, he is like the king of the Infopreneurs in Russia. And by infopreneurs, I mean entrepreneurs who sell information products online.

He has a huge following in Russia to the point where a lot of people say “He is like the king of Russia”. And in this interview, he shares with us how to dominate your market. Russian style.

Hello Andrei!

Andrei Parabellum: Hello!

Olivier Roland: So Andrei, I would like to know because you entered our Platinum group like one year ago?

Andrei Parabellum: Yes.

Olivier Roland: You just blew the minds of everyone. So, I want to pick your brains to know and how to dominate a market.

Andrei Parabellum: Well. First of all, the market doesn’t like the word “domination”. They resist it. The more you try to dominate it, the more a market would resist it. So, my idea is to serve the market.

Olivier Roland: Okay, to serve the market.

Andrei Parabellum: So, you are going from the up, you dominate, you serve them. That’s why, you know, they get attracted to you much better. So, that’s number one, that is the main strategy. Then, the question is how do you do it so that you’re everywhere?

Well, first of all, you have to realize that if you target, well first of all you have to start with a niche, with one niche. You can’t dominate the entire market.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: In the beginning, you can but not upfront.

There is a really good book on the technology of going from small niches to a bigger market called “Inside the Tornado” by Geoffrey Moore.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Andrei Parabellum: But the generic thing is, you have to dominate one niche. So, how to dominate one niche?

In this niche, whoever is interested in this specific subject, they have to know you. So, that’s your main goal.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Andrei Parabellum: And you hear it from three different angles. Angle number 1, free content. You have to for at least a year, maybe for 2 to 3 years. It depends on how fast you are.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: I am fast, so it takes a year.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: You have to create tons of content. And then at the beginning, 80% of your efforts have to go for quantity and only 20% for quality.

Olivier Roland: Really?

Andrei Parabellum: Yes.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: And once you have dominated the niche, that reverses. That 80%,

Olivier Roland: You say at the beginning, you publish crap.

Andrei Parabellum: Not crap but what you… the 80%.

Olivier Roland: You’re trying not to be perfect. This is what you mean.

Andrei Parabellum: You cannot be perfect number one, and number two, your main goal is quantity.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: Once you get to the top, then your main goal will be quality.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Andrei Parabellum: So, 80% is quality and 20% of…

Olivier Roland: Do you mean we can reduce the quantity of the content?

Andrei Parabellum: Correct. Once you are dominating the niche.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Andrei Parabellum: So now, when you are concentrated on quantity, you have to create a lot of video content, audio content, text, blog. I mean, you have to be a content machine.

I remember when I started, when I saw that the market was taking off and my popularity was taking off, I was creating one product a week.

Olivier Roland: Wow.

Andrei Parabellum: So my goal for a year… So, for the first year,

Olivier Roland: 52 products.

how to dominate your market with product

Andrei Parabellum: Yeah. I did at least 52, I did more than that. But, my goal was a product a week. And it was interesting.

Olivier Roland: But, it was free content so.

Andrei Parabellum: Well. The point is, you start info-marketing an info business. It works like drugs. So, your first dose has to be free. So, if you have a 10-hour product, 20% of it has to be free.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Andrei Parabellum: So, you take 20 or 25% of it.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: And give it away for free in every way possible, audio, video, and text. So when they see it, they want it then they start buying. So, a lot of content. And then, you take this content and you distribute it everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, your blog, Email, someone else’s blog, everywhere they look have to be there. That’s number 1.

Number 2, you have to have events. Not product but events. Online events, offline events. You have to have free events.

Olivier Roland: Webinars, seminars…

Andrei Parabellum: Free events.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Andrei Parabellum: When you are not a Google yet. So, when you don’t dominate the market yet, you pull everybody that talks about your subject together. So, you have to be the point where everything goes to.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: So, everybody would come in. For marketing, instead of searching, they find on the Internet what they want. They will come to you and they will find everything. So, you start selling.

Olivier Roland: You become a Google of your market.

Andrei Parabellum: Pretty much of your niche. So, you resell other people’s products for a commission, but your goal is to have a single point of contact. They come to your side and there is everything to know about this specific niche.

So, you have links to other people. If other people don’t have other Google and experts, if they don’t have affiliate programs, you link it for free. It’s not the money you’re after, you have to be the single point of contact.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Andrei Parabellum: And then, you invite them for free online conferences, invite experts, and then invite the crowd. So, each expert will bring their own crowd, and then you have like 10 experts, 20 experts, and then you keep doing it every month.

Olivier Roland: And you bring your authority at the same time.

Andrei Parabellum: Your authority yes because you open the conference and you have at least one topic or maybe two topics. And then, what I used to do first day was experts, so I was the first expert and the last expert. And the rest was, there were people in between and I was DJing. So, in between I was saying “Thank you very much, let’s say thank you to this person. Now, the next person…” So, I was like DJing.

Olivier Roland: This is an easy way to do an event. You don’t have to create all the content.

Andrei Parabellum: Right.

Olivier Roland: Yeah.

Andrei Parabellum: But the second day was purely me.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: And then, it was like a VIP day and I would say “Okay. Now, let’s see how it works for real”. So, people would go to see experts, then they will understand there is the next day. They would come for the next day and then they get one day of me.

Olivier Roland: The next day, they have to pay or it’s free?

Andrei Parabellum: Well, it depends. In the beginning, everything was free.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: Because you need to have the following, the following is the number one. So, monetization comes second. And then after you do like one event, like after you have some following or some client base, then you start doing free and paid like inhale and exhale. One free, one paid; one free, one paid; one free… So, you advertise your paid one on your free event.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: So, when they get a taste of the free event, you say “Okay, I want to have an event”. Next weekend, I got 2 days but the first day is cheap, 100 dollars or 200 dollars or 500 dollars. And the second day is VIP day which is 500 to 1000 dollars. So, come and then we are going to do the discussion on this and you are going to create this result, etc., etc.

And again commercially, it doesn’t matter how much money you make per paid event, but it will have a snowball effect.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: Because you have paid event, you take 20% of content, put it for free again and you keep going. And, every event has a different topic. It has to be a different topic. You cannot repeat events.

For the first year, you just keep hitting them with different topics but the same niche. So then, what happened after a year? Whatever they want to find in this niche, they end up going to your site.

Olivier Roland: Yeah.

Andrei Parabellum: Because you publish it. And all the free events you had, you record them and you put it out for free.

Olivier Roland: So, it’s a… Yeah, when you do an event it’s like a great way to have a lot of content.

Andrei Parabellum: So after a year, imagine you have like at least 12 big events, you have 20 small events. I mean, you have everything.

Olivier Roland: Wow.

Andrei Parabellum: Yes, you have a lot of free content, you have books, you have articles, and you have 20% of your paid products also there…

Olivier Roland: But, do you do that by yourself?

Andrei Parabellum: Of course.

Olivier Roland: So, when do you sleep?

Andrei Parabellum: What do you mean? It doesn’t take so much time.

Olivier Roland: Do you have tips to produce massive content?

Andrei Parabellum: Well, I read a lot, number one.

Olivier Roland: Yeah, okay.

Andrei Parabellum: So, buy and read every single book on your subject. In every niche, there are not that many books. Maybe fifty, maybe a hundred. If you know speed reading, it takes three months to go for all of them.

Olivier Roland: Wow, okay. Do you get a lot of ideas?

Andrei Parabellum: Well, in the beginning, you will read slowly but after like 20 books, you will see that 80% of the content is the same. And by the time you finish every single book on your subject, you will understand the niche pretty well.

So then, you can refer people to different authors, you can refer people to different ideas, you can create your own ideas that will merge one idea from this book, one idea from this book and it becomes something new. So, it’s not that hard. I mean, it doesn’t take that much time. But, yeah… but at least four hours a day.

Olivier Roland: Four hours a day, you read?

Andrei Parabellum: No, you dedicate to this at least 4 hours a day. So, if you are working for somebody then, you know, an hour in the morning, three hours at night. You will do just this and half on Saturday and half on Sunday.

But, it’s worth it because, after a year, there are not that many people who will do this.

Olivier Roland: Yeah.

Andrei Parabellum: Because it’s quite a lot of work.

Olivier Roland: Exactly.

Andrei Parabellum: With a lot of dedication and you can dominate any niche. So, it doesn’t have to be… It has to be the one you like because if you’re going after a niche you don’t care about, you are going to burn out pretty fast.

Olivier Roland: Yeah. You can choose your activities for one year with that.

Andrei Parabellum: Of course, of course.

Olivier Roland: If you are passionate.

Andrei Parabellum: Of course. Well, if you like… I like books for example, so that’s why I’ve training on how to write books, that’s why I’m in content, that’s why I teach people marketing because I’m in books, I’m in tradings. I love it so much that I can teach it and talk about it forever, like for days and days and days.

But if I would go after, I don’t know, diving, I’ve never dived in my life. So to me, it’s like whatever, or football, or soccer, or hockey. I mean… I know what it is but I don’t really care about it and that would be a hard niche for me to penetrate. But for somebody else that spends their entire life dedicated to this niche, for them it would be easier, much easier. Not for me.

Olivier Roland: Wow, okay. So, alright. When you have read these articles, what do you do?

Andrei Parabellum: After you dominate from your content side, then you start what you were doing in the beginning. You have to find… when you start selling it, you’ll have fans, you’ll have people following you, you’ll have clients. And then, you cannot sell your knowledge cheaply because it’s very hard, it’s very competitive and it’s very hard to differentiate yourself. So, your trainings have to start at 500 dollars or 500 euros.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Andrei Parabellum: Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense. So to me, my two days live events or three days live events usually were 500 dollars for the first two days and extra 1000 dollars for the third day.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Andrei Parabellum: Which is a VIP day. So, I mean if you are doing an event, the 30 people in the event, you are making between 50 and 100,000 dollars per event or euros which gives you a good lifestyle. So, your goal is not to increase your lifestyle, just cap your lifestyle at whatever. 10,000 euros a month gives you usually a good lifestyle.

Olivier Roland: Yeah, exactly.

Andrei Parabellum: Take the rest of the money and invest it back into advertising your free content.

Olivier Roland: Really.

Andrei Parabellum: Free.

Olivier Roland: Not your product.

Andrei Parabellum: Not your product.

Olivier Roland: Ok, you buy advertising for your free content.

Andrei Parabellum: Yes, you buy advertising for your free content. So this way… Because a better clickthrough rate has a better… But your free content is on your website, you know, to download the content, they have to register.

Olivier Roland: Oh, yeah.

Andrei Parabellum: This means that they have to give you their email. So, once they give you their email, then you can keep them with sales letters, and with launches, with sales videos etc, with webinars. But for the general population, you advertise you’re free.

So, you take a massive amount of money from your paid events, and paid seminars, and paid online whatever you’re are selling. And then, reinvest the total back and advertising your free content, split tested. Usually, advertising your books has a better return value but…

Olivier Roland: So, they can download the book or subscribe?

Andrei Parabellum: They can download the book or a number of books. Don’t forget, each event becomes a book. So after a year, you have 10 books or 20 books.

Olivier Roland: Each event becomes videos, audios, and a book?

Andrei Parabellum: Yes.

Olivier Roland: You have someone or you do the…?

Andrei Parabellum: No, you give it to somebody, to type it up and then to massage it.

Olivier Roland: To massage it?

Andrei Parabellum: And then, you do the final edit.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Andrei Parabellum: And then, it becomes a book.

Olivier Roland: How many books did you publish already?

to be passionnate how to write books

Andrei Parabellum: Well, I wrote 116 books. I’ve just finished one last week. I’m working on my 117th right now. I published about 80 or something. Over 40 became best-sellers. So, 42 or 43 became best-sellers.

Olivier Roland: I can tell you guys, it’s not bullshit. I mean, the first time I heard this, me, like everyone was thinking, it’s pretty…

Andrei Parabellum: Well, one of my books last year got the title “The best business book in Russia”, the book of the year.

Olivier Roland: Wow, awesome.

Andrei Parabellum: So I mean, I know what I am talking about, it works.

When you write a book, first, you put it on your website. So, your clients and your readers have a chance to download it and go through it and give you feedback. And then after a couple of weeks, you send it to the publisher. Then, you negotiate with the publisher.

And then, there are two ways. If you give out electronic rights to the publisher, then you have to take the book off your site. But if you don’t, you give only public…, you know, on paper rights. Then, you can do whatever you want with it.

Olivier Roland: Yeah.

Andrei Parabellum: But anyway, it’s like a machine. So, it takes money from paid events, you put it back on advertising your free content. You advertise your books, you advertise your free webinars, and free big events, free online events, conferences whatever. So that way, people will know you and that way you are everywhere. And the third wheel is TV.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Andrei Parabellum: There are three things: TV, magazines, and newspapers. So, the easiest one to get into is magazines. So, you just start sending articles which is part of your book.

Olivier Roland: Oh, really. Okay, you send an extract from your book?

Andrei Parabellum: Extract the best thing from your books. Start sending them articles. They start publishing you. If you are good, they will give you…you will be constantly in the magazines.

Olivier Roland: Columnist.

Andrei Parabellum: Right. Because they are looking for good content. And, you are going to have a ton of good content by then. And then, they are going to start publishing your same thing with newspapers especially local newspapers because they are hungry for some content.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: Usually it’s crap so they want something. But, the biggest one is TV.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: If you find an agent, a PR agent that will push you through TV shows as an expert. So, I got over a hundred interviews on TV and I was talking. I spoke on everything from business to psychology, to whether it makes sense to hire relatives or not etc.

So it was, I mean, it doesn’t have to be specific your niche on TV but we still have a TV culture.

Olivier Roland: Yeah.

Andrei Parabellum: So, whoever is on TV means that they are somebody. And my biggest breakthrough was, I got on one of the biggest shows in Russia called “Let’s get married”.

Olivier Roland: Really.

Andrei Parabellum: Which is like a sort of Bachelor.

Olivier Roland: So you were there…?

Andrei Parabellum: I was so… No, I went there with a friend.

Olivier Roland: Okay.

Andrei Parabellum: So, I was not the main character but I was a friend.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Andrei Parabellum: So, we talk… I mean, it was hilariously funny. But they cut all the funny moments off. So, you know, it was just bland. But anyway, I had the recording, I put it online, I put it on YouTube. It was mad, it went viral, so, people started…

Olivier Roland: Really.

Andrei Parabellum: And then from the same agent, I sent 6 or 7 guys and they were like my students, and they were the main persona on the show.

Olivier Roland: Oh, really.

Andrei Parabellum: So, that was really fun. I mean, from that, you have like 200 or 100 000 views and people, you know…

Olivier Roland: Just love it.

Andrei Parabellum: Just love it. And, you get a lot of clients from that. Again, it’s not your niche, it’s not about you but because you were on TV they start recognizing you on the street, they start recognizing you, you know, in the subway. You become a minor celebrity, not a big celebrity but a minor celebrity.

So, you hit the market or the niche from three different angles, a lot of free content, advertising everywhere for the free stuff, and the press. Magazines, TV, and newspapers.

Olivier Roland: Newspapers, alright.

Andrei Parabellum: And that’s it. You know, in a year, you are going to be dominating the market because like 50% of people, when they have a question about this niche, first thing, they go to your site.

Olivier Roland: And they know you, everyone knows you.

Andrei Parabellum: Right.

Olivier Roland: So, what did you do when you are on the top of the market and you can’t grow?

Andrei Parabellum: Okay. Once you dominate one niche, there are usually 3 or 4 niches next to it, very similar. Then you say “Okay, I’m going to keep this niche and start expanding to a couple more niches.”

Usually what happens:

Your clients will ask you, “Can you teach us management?” or “can you teach us…?” Like, I don’t know, if your niche is relationships, for example, a client may ask you “So okay, I got into a relationship. So, like, help me with the sex stuff or help me with the ‘How to get married’ or help me…Okay, so we got married, we got kids, how do I… what do I do with my kids?” etc., etc…

If you are on the business side let’s say, if your niche is sales, professional sales and you do phone sales, for example, that’s it your narrow niche, your number one thing is on the phone how to close the sale or how to get…? I mean, there are different sub-niches: how to close your sale, how to get through to the decision-maker, how to open the sale properly, how to negotiate, how to dominate and negotiate… There are different types.

But, there are niches next to it. For example, if you dominate phone sales, then how do you do negotiations face to face? Most of it is the same but somehow it is different.

Olivier Roland: Yeah, alright.

Andrei Parabellum: So then, you start going into this niche. Once you dominate that, then go after another one. Let’s say… Again, sales-related but for example, if your client will start asking you “Ok, how to do sales management?” or “How do you train your sales team to have the skills that you are already teaching?”

So, I already know so I went through the trainings, I can close on the phone. But, I have 15 people under me that can’t. So, how do I transmit my knowledge to them? And then, how to organize the sales department, the phones sales department? Which is again, similar but next to it.

So, once you dominate… like you start dominating niche by niche by niche, and then all of a sudden, there is a number of niches that you are present in. So, that’s what you are doing. In order not to get burned because there is no time. Your best students will become your top experts. You bring the best to the top and they start working on the use of promotion. And this niche will start promoting.

So, you do join webinars and joined events with the new expert which is your student, which you get, you know, 50% of their money. So, you promote them and you promote somebody else. You publish experts which used to be your students that got huge results. You start publishing them, splitting the money. Then you start dominating niches next to it and next to it and next to it.

Olivier Roland: Wow. So this a snowball and after that you nobody can resist you.

Andrei Parabellum: Of course. And then, because it takes dedication, it takes a lot of time.

Olivier Roland: Yes.

Andrei Parabellum: And it takes a lot of money. Most people will never figure it out because people with money will come but they will see that it requires a lot of work and will say “Fuck it, I’m not doing it”. People with time will come, they will see it requires a lot of advertising and they will say “Fuck it, I’m not doing it”. So from any angle, you know, wherever competition comes they can’t beat you.

Olivier Roland: Wow.

Andrei Parabellum: Because you are like doing press, advertising, and content.

Olivier Roland: You are everywhere. Nobody can escape you.

Andrei Parabellum: That’s it.

Olivier Roland: So, you did that in Russia, right?

Andrei Parabellum: Yes.

Olivier Roland: And you started alone creating free content.

Andrei Parabellum: Yes.

Olivier Roland: And now, how many people work for you?

how many people works for you

Andrei Parabellum: It’s about 80 people working for me. If you take a look at all the free-lances that I employ from time to time on a project basis, we are just under 200.

Olivier Roland: Wow, okay. So, how did you grow that? Because you started alone…

Andrei Parabellum: That’s what I’m saying. You know, start alone then you need people to take care of different niches. Then, you have a person… Somebody has to be on the phone answering questions. Then, you create a support team, like one person or two people. Then for your events, you have to have an event planner. Then for your phone department, for the sales department, you have to have at least 4 people selling on the phone. And then it starts, you know, starts slowly but surely, it starts growing, growing and growing.

And then, each niche or each brand becomes a separate business unit so with one person in charge. And then under this person, you start developing again the infrastructure. A launch manager, a copywriter, a technical person that puts the videos on your website, and everything else.

Olivier Roland: So you get a structure…

Andrei Parabellum: Pretty much.

Olivier Roland: Yeah, and you know how it works so… Then after that, you go to foreign languages perhaps, foreign markets, right?

Andrei Parabellum: You can if you want to. But the problem with foreign languages, with foreign markets… like in the domestic market, to add the niche, it’s a 6 to 12 months job. To go to foreign, it’s 5 years I think.

Olivier Roland: Why?

Andrei Parabellum: Because it’s… you need to get new content, you need to get new following, new competition. I mean, it’s much…

Olivier Roland: But you can translate your…

Andrei Parabellum: It’s still because your assets are not your content. Your assets in info-marketing are people that are using your knowledge. So, to get that and transmit to different countries, you actually have to physically go there, talk to those people, infuse them with your knowledge, so they start growing. I mean it’s no easy, I mean it doesn’t take 12 months, it takes more than that.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Andrei Parabellum: Preparation is hard. You lose something in translation. Then, some of the market won’t believe you because you are from Russia or you are from France, or you are from somewhere, so you don’t understand the local things so well. You have to have the local talent that will work with you, etc., etc. I mean it’s not easy, it’s easier to add local niches. So, that’s the easiest part.

Olivier Roland: But you want to go to the foreign market, right?

how to dominate foreign market

Andrei Parabellum: Because it’s interesting, it’s a challenge for me because I understand how a local market works, so my goal for the next 3 years is to have my expert, at least one of my experts in every single niche. So my goal is a thousand in Russia, a thousand experts, and thousand niches. You know, either will be number 1 or number 2, so that’s my goal. Not me personally, but the experts who are working under me with my supervision, my launches, my team, my… everything else.

That’s my goal for the locals. Instead, it would consume a lot of my time. But at the same time, that’s very… because I travel so much, it’s very interesting and I would love to help you guys in France. If you want to dominate your market, if you’re already moderately successful, where money comes from is from the synergy of 3 things. You have to be an expert which means that you have to possess the knowledge that how something works in your niche.

Not only knowledge, but you also have to possess skills because we all know some professors that teach, I don’t know “How money works?” Teach economics.

Olivier Roland: Yeah. But, they don’t have money.

Andrei Parabellum: But, they don’t have money. So, it’s funny. Not only knowledge, you have to have skills. So, results from those skills. And number 3, you have to be able to transmit this knowledge to somebody else. Because there are a lot of successful people.

Olivier Roland: That can teach.

Andrei Parabellum: That… They are trying to teach but they don’t have successful students. So, it’s specific skills or a skillset you have to have. So, that’s being an expert. So, those 3.

Now, number 2 is you have to be popular. So, people have to know you are an expert. You probably know a ton of experts that think they are experts, maybe they are an expert but the world doesn’t care.

So, you can’t make money with that. So, people have to already come to you and ask you questions and listen to you. So, you have to be present online, have to teach. If you are an expert, you have to teach. You have to have students, you have to have clients. You’re probably writing books, you probably have online events or live events, speaking at conferences, etc., etc. So at least some of it has to be present.

And the third one is the monetization scheme. So, which means that if you structure everything properly, if you have passive, if you have products of your knowledge which is books, videos, DVDs that you sell, you have active education which means courses, and trainings, and seminars, and webinars. And then, you have one on one or group coaching. You have like one on one coaching which isn’t group coaching or one and one consulting coaching.

So if you have all 3, then you are going to make serious money. Then, we’re not talking about 100,000 euros per event. Then we are talking about, you know, it will go into millions.

Olivier Roland: Wow.

Andrei Parabellum: So, once you have all of them, it’s easier to find an expert that is an expert, that has some influence in the outside world, trying to monetize but doesn’t do it to the full potential. Maybe, he has one book, maybe he has one course, live that’s it. They don’t do anything else. So, take this and help to monetize it to the next level. It’s one of the things that’s probably the easiest to do.

Olivier Roland: To enter a foreign market.

Andrei Parabellum: Right.

Olivier Roland: Interesting. Alright, well, it was very interesting.

So now, you know how to dominate your market of course and you have to do it.

Andrei Parabellum: Pick one but pick the one you really, really like because if you pick the niche, if you pick the market that you don’t care about, you have to care about people. You have to care about people that are trying to follow your advice. So, if you invest your time in them, if you spend your time with them, if you listen to them, if you coach them, teach them, make them use your stuff, and make them get results, then everything else will follow in place.

Olivier Roland: Wow. Well, thanks, Andrei.

Andrei Parabellum: Good luck.

Olivier Roland: I think it just blew the mind of all my viewers. So, thank you and see you next time. Bye.

So my intelligent rebels, I hope you learned useful tactics and strategies to dominate your market too.

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Thank you for watching, see you soon and don’t forget in the meantime, be rebellious, be intelligent and be part of people who try to dominate a market.


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