Erico Rocha : How to double your sales

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(Literal) Text Transcription of the video :

Erico Rocha: The biggest thing that makes something sell in my opinion, I believe, is results. Now, a lot of people try to sell stuff for selling stuff and I believe that the core thing that makes people buy something is results.

Olivier Roland: All right.

Erico Rocha: So if you think about a diet, what sells is the results. And sometimes, the result is about losing weight, sometimes the result is about being more healthy, sometimes the result is about being happier but it’s about transformation. And the good tip that people usually know is that the product produces the transformation.

For example, the camera that is filming here is just awesome. I know that it produces a better quality of stuff, but sometimes, the prospect on the other side they don’t know. And we are sellers, we assume that they will know that.

So, demonstrate results, that’s the first thing. Demonstrate results.

How do you demonstrate results?

Hopefully, first, with you. Before selling something, we demonstrate your results, maybe a diet, maybe a camera, maybe information probably. Demonstrate. Use the thing and generate results in real life. Film it. Demonstrate it. Be the change, the transformation you want to advise or recommend.

Imagine I want a course about how to be more efficient at traveling. “Oh, go to this course about becoming really efficient at traveling. I’ve never done it, do it yourself and tell me the result.” It’s different than “Hey, I’ve done it. I’ve generated results and here is my real-life before and after.”

erico rocha film before and after

So, before and after, this is the second tip. Picture what is before your product and after your product.

On your sales message, on your blog, on your content videos, you do this. You keep picturing yourself afterward.

I think we are now in Denver. It’s very famous. Some people notoriously remember to picture themselves beforehand and then afterward to remind themselves to choose and to show people how life was before the product.

So, results, focus on transformation, the before and after.

There is are these cliché products, the Americans, they do these dieting programs like “Oh there, I was with a big fat belly, now, I have a six-pack.”

As cheesy as it may sound or as an American as it may sound, there’s a lot to be learned about this in any business, because if you keep picturing, you can do that in any business. Picture the before, picture the after, picture the transformation and focus on results for yourself, for the people around it. Chances are you are going to sell much more.

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