How to raise your sales (Erico Rocha)

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(Literal) Text Transcription of the video :

Olivier Roland: Hi Erico!

Erico Rocha: Hi.

Olivier Roland: How are you man?

Erico Rocha: Fine.

Erico Rocha

Olivier Roland: So Erico, we are in an airport because we just met totally randomly in the plane, right?

Erico Rocha: Yes.

Olivier Roland: We are going to our mastermind group in Durango.

Erico Rocha: Yes.

Olivier Roland: And we are waiting right now for our plane. We decided to do a video. Like, all right. We just lost a camera base, but it is ok.

So, I wanted to do a quick interview about sales because in my last interview, I see “what is your best tip for people that want to start on the Internet?”

But let’s say that… Okay, the guys that are watching right now already started. They started to make some sales on the Internet, like maybe I don’t know, € 2,000 a month and they want to go to the next level. What tips can you give to these people to go to the next level?

Erico Rocha: Me, personally, I’m not sure how it’s going to sound – Is it going to sound good, is it going to sound bad? But, the biggest thing that makes something sell – and I would talking about information marketing or something else?

Olivier Roland: No, in any field, right?

Erico Rocha: In any field.

Olivier Roland: Yeah.

Erico Rocha: The biggest thing that makes something sell in my opinion, I believe, is results. Now, a lot of people try to sell stuff for the sake of selling stuff. And I believe that the core thing that actually makes people buy something is results.

Olivier Roland: All right.

Erico Rocha: So if you think about a diet, what sells is the result. And sometimes, the result is about losing weight, sometimes the result is about being more healthy, sometimes the results is about being more happy, I don’t know, but it’s about the transformation. And the good tip that people usually know is that their product produces the transformation.

For example, this camera that is filming here is just awesome. I know that it produces a better quality of stuff but sometimes, the prospect on the other side they don’t know this. And we are sellers, we assume that they will know that.

So, demonstrate results, that’s the first thing. Demonstrate results.

How do you demonstrate results?

Hopefully, first, with you. Before selling something, we demonstrate your results, maybe a diet, maybe a camera, maybe information probably. Demonstrate. Use the thing and generate results in real life. Film it. Demonstrate it.

Be the change, the transformation you want to advise or recommend.

time to change how to raise your sale

Imagine I want a course about how to be more efficient at traveling. “Oh, go to this course about becoming really efficient at traveling. I’ve never done it, do it yourself and then tell me the result.” It’s different than “Hey, I’ve done it. I’ve generated results and here is my real life before and after”.

So before and after, this is a second tip. Picture what is the before your product and after your product.

In your sales message, in your blog, in your content videos, you do this. You keep picturing yourself in the after.

I think we are now in Denver, It’s very famous. Some people notoriously remember to picture themselves after. And, what I was before, to remind yourself to choose and to show people how life was before the product.

So results, focus on transformation, the before and after.

There are these cliché products, the Americans, they do these dieting programs of “Oh here, I was with the big fat belly, now, I’m have a six pack”. And as cheesy as it may sound or as American it may sound.

There’s a lot to be learnt in any business, because if you keep picturing, you can do that in any business. Picture the before, picture the after, picture the transformation and focus on the results for yourself, for the people around it. Chances are you are going to sell much more.

Olivier Roland: Yeah. It’s a great tip. So, do you understand? When you market your product, you don’t want to speak too much, you want to speak a bit about it, but not too much about the figures and the process. You want to speak about what the product will do for them, for your prospect, for your customers. So, the benefits of it. And if you can prove, it’s way better and you can prove first by your own example, because of course, when you sell your first product, you don’t have any case study testimonials.

So, unless you did some kind of beta test with a few customers which could be a good idea. And then, after you have your first few customers, you have to chase down testimonials. I did a video about that. Some people have had great transformation and they will never tell you because you will never ask them. Right?

Erico Rocha: Yes.

Olivier Roland: People can have great transformation but they have one billion things to do every day and they will not think about sending you a simple email saying “Hey thank you, you changed my life, bla bla bla.”

So, you have to chase down testimonials. So, you want to focus on transformation and to use case studies and video testimonials or testimonials from your customers. Do you agree that the best way to prove that what you say is true and your product is great is to have testimonials from your customers?

Erico Rocha: Yes. But before that level of testimony, you have to… As strange as it may sound, you have to prove to yourself, you have to prove to every cell of your body that you actually believe in it.

But sometimes, we sell something… I often catch myself in the trap of selling something because I know, I need to make money, but you actually don’t believe it yourself. So, before going to the second level which is getting your testimonies from the customers, go to the transformation.

Olivier Roland: So, first believe in your own product.

Erico Rocha: And how do you do it? Transforming yourself. For example, when you transform yourself like you did, you actually make blogging like…

Olivier Roland: But for me, you don’t create a product before you transform yourself. I mean, you transform yourself first and then, you create a product.

Erico Rocha: Some people try to jump this step.

Olivier Roland: Yeah, I think it is bad idea because…

Erico Rocha: Some people just jump.

Olivier Roland: … it is just cheesy and it’s like you know…

Erico Rocha: It’s like selling for selling sake.

Olivier Roland: Yeah and it’s not true. There is a lie that is deep in the product and the marketing. So, it’s a problem. And, I think people will feel it and if they don’t and buy the products, they will see that it’s not that effective I mean.

Erico Rocha: They might see this is a blind spot. A lot of people try to sell something that they don’t rate. I mean at least in my market.

Olivier Roland: The worst are the guys that don’t know how to make money on the Internet and want to sell, and sell a product on how to make money. And the only way they make money is by selling this kind of product. So, it’s a problem.

I mean, if you want to sell products about how to make money on the Internet, you have to make money first using a method, the methodology or formula that is not your product about making money. Right?

Erico Rocha: And the same about photography. If you want to sell photography, doing great photography, you have to do great photography.

Olivier Roland: Yeah.

Erico Rocha: You have to go through it and believe in it.

Olivier Roland: And, you can start as a total beginner, it’s not a problem.

Erico Rocha: No.

Olivier Roland: But you want to learn.

Erico Rocha: It is a solution because if you start at the beginning and you go through the transformation, you will prove that it’s possible.

Olivier Roland: Exactly.

Erico Rocha: And then, you go for it.

Olivier Roland: It’s a great way to start a blog.

Erico Rocha: Then you go for the next level. You prove that you can make other people do it.

Olivier Roland: You’re right to put an emphasis on this point because it’s true that some people want to miss out this step and it’s a bad idea. And it’s great for positioning when you start as a beginner especially a blog, you say “Hey, I’m a beginner but it’s totally okay because we’ll learn together”.

And so, you can create a huge, a big community of fans that have followed you since the beginning, so your transformation, and know that you have a real deal because they saw that you were a total beginner at the beginning and now you know what you are talking about. They saw you struggle with a lot of different kinds of problems, and they saw that you just succeeded in overcoming the obstacles.

how to raise your sales courage inspiration dream erico rocha

Wow, nice. So to recap, first you have to transform yourself first before creating a product about it. So, you will believe really deeply in your product, it’s very important. And, it’s also important when you have critics that will show up because critics will show up one time or another. If you really believe in your product, it will help you to get the motivation high. It’s really important. And then, case studies, testimonials.

Erico Rocha: Case studies testimonials. And then, the last bit is actually putting these in a way that’s compelling for your product.

Olivier Roland: So, how do you do that?

Erico Rocha: Well, I actually start all my selling points from a transformation.

Olivier Roland: Alright.

Erico Rocha: Before I speak about the product and this is me, I probably learned that from Jeff Walker, and my oldest masters. But, you will start on the sales conversation “Hey, my name is Erico and I’m about to show a great product that does X Y Z”. And the moment your also make a big bold promise in your sales letters, people will doubt it. People would say “this is not possible” because you know, every transformation is hard to believe. Everything is impossible until it’s done.

And then, you say “I don’t expect you to believe in me and if I have been listening to that for a while and for the first time, I probably wouldn’t believe as well. But, look at what it actually did for me and I will show you what it did for me. Then, look at what we did with two of my customers, I’ll show you.”

And then after that, people say “Well, it actually did work for him, did work for other people. I may want to ask, I want to listen to what they have to say”. And then, they start saying it.

A lot of people try to explain about the product first and then the transformation later. I am the guy, I’m the opinion that once you start with the transformation. So, I’m about to tell you something about X Y Z of great photography and…

Start with the great transformation so they listen to you. And demonstrate this transformation, and then you go on to why this is possible. And then you go on to content, benefits and so on.

So I learned that, I think I was at one of Jeff Walker’s events and Jeff Johnson talking about that. He said “Show me the results”. Every time that he put a show me the result, piece of content, right in the first two minutes, he would have better results.

So, a lot of people leave it to the end. This explained a lot and then they say “Oh, by the way, look at what he is capable of”. So, if you put a little bit of that and if you insert every piece of content, this is also one great tip: if for every argument that you say, you insert a little snippet of testimonial or a case study…

Olivier Roland: Yeah, awesome.

Erico Rocha: For example, this camera that is shooting is great because it has… it can film…when there is no light and by the way look at this picture, he did it. Then you look at the… and hopefully, you want to do it.

Olivier Roland: Yeah, you see real proof, it’s a…

Erico Rocha: It’s a real proof, right in the beginning, little snippets, it’s right then.

Olivier Roland: Awesome, okay. Well, thank you Erico, I think that you give us great tips. So, if you already make sales, even if you don’t make sales yet on the Internet, Erico just gave you awesome tips to have make a real quick start. So, thank you Erico for that. Awesome dude, so we have to catch our plane.

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