How to REALLY make money on the Internet – forget about the ads !

You will discover how to REALLY make money on the Internet with the above video.

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(Literal) Text Transcription of the video :

Olivier Roland: The six steps to quickly create a profitable business on the web.

These six steps focus on the best path to earning money on the Internet. It’s not about earning pennies or a few euros with advertising, nor via sponsored articles or partnerships, rather it’s about creating product, the only effective method of generating business turnover on the web. And it’s much less complicated than it seems.

The first step is a source of consumer traffic. Without this web traffic, you have no chance even if you are the best entrepreneur in the world.

There are two main traffic categories: free and paid-for sources. You can obviously have both sources, but usually we focus on one rather than the other.

A traffic source can be a blog, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel, a Twitter or Instagram account. A traffic source that allows people to discover you on the web, want to follow you and then want to know more and end up wanting to buy your products.

And you can also sponsor this and do some advertizing. You can advertize on Google, Facebook, Twitter, all the social media platforms already mentioned and of course other web-based media. Obviously, you can contact websites or YouTubers directly for them to promote you.

Once you have your traffic source, you have to convert part of it into a qualified list.

A qualified list is a list of people who have given you permission to contact them and who are interested now or who, in the future, will be interested in one or more of your products. Typically, this is an email list.

mailing list make money on internet

Even today, in early 2016, the email list remains the most interesting and powerful communication tool to reach people and suggest they buy your products. A subscriber to your email list is easier to reach. You can ask them more things than you could a Facebook fan or Twitter follower or even a Youtube subscriber. It’s this qualified email list that you really need to concentrate on.

To thank them for subscribing to your mailing list, you simply offer them a gift that is bound to interest only the kind people who are likely to buy your products in the future.

Let’s say you want to sell a book on hamsters or a video course on how to make your hamster live a long and happy life. You suggest to your audience that they sign up to your mailing list in exchange for a book. For example, a small PDF booklet or a small video you’ll make about the 5 mistakes to avoid when you buy your hamster. When you offer a bonus like this, those who subscribe to your list are clearly interested in hamsters and are bound to be interested in your future product on hamsters.

Once you have this source and this qualified list you’re going to do a survey to minimize any uncertainty of the product you need to create. The mistake many entrepreneurs make once they get to this stage, is that they will create the product which they want rather than create the product that their audience wants. This is a serious mistake. Our expectations are not always the same as the general public’s because often when we are so interested in a subject that we develop an internet business for it, we develop certain expertise. We no longer have the same expectations as the majority of people who are beginners or who don’t have the passion that we do in the field.

So the magic question to ask your audience is: “what is your biggest problem, your biggest frustration related to …” And here you insert the name of your specialism.

To use the example of hamsters, you would say: “what is your biggest problem today, your biggest frustration in bringing up your hamster? What is holding you back? ”

By answering this question, people will tell you exactly what product you have to create because if you create a product and you succeed in convincing your audience that this product will help them solve their biggest frustration, the people will be motivated to buy it. And that was the fourth step: determine the product to be created.

Fifth step, and again, this is a step that far too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of spend weeks, months and sometimes over a year creating the perfect product that everyone will go nuts for. And when they put it up for sale, they notice that it’s either a big flop, or people don’t care about it as much as the research suggested. The survey helps reduce uncertainty, but in entrepreneurship, there is never zero risk.

How can we be sure that we’re going to work on the product, and be sure it will sell?

We would have to use a time machine to look into the future.

And how do we do that?

We simply offer the product on pre-order.

offer the product on pre-order

Pre-ordering is completely ethical, it’s legal and you can be totally transparent with your audience. You will say : thank you, great, I saw that in the poll you want me to do this. I created this training program or the table of contents of this book or the specifications of this product. Today you can pre-order it and the expected delivery date is for such and such a date. You can buy it on pre-order at a promotional price.

The key to this approach is that you only create the product if you do enough pre-order sales.

If you don’t make enough sales, it does not matter. You reimburse those buyers and you start another cycle. Once again you’ll develop a new product by doing another poll. And you’ll save a lot of time.

Between someone who spends three months creating a product that is useless since it doesn’t sell enough, and someone who works out straightaway, even before creating the product, that it won’t sell, there is phenomenal time saving which can make a huge difference in your longterm sales.

So you sell the product on pre-order, and that’s the sixth step, you create this product only if it sells on pre-order. If that is this case, you can be 100% sure your work will pay off and you will be able to start selling on the Web.

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